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“ To fight a worthy battle”



Our primary business is to source, buy and sell commodities. Our secondary business is about ‘educating buyer and sellers’ about the dangers of conducting international trade business. Our transactions are designed in a manner to actually serve advice and insights to the people we are dealing with. We do not conduct ‘ad hoc’ risk laden business often found in the Spot markets; we deal in long term supply  and serve end buyers price basis not served on any curves, slopes, contango, barrels etc.etc.  We buy and sell goods on board ship, at prices supporting metric ton quantities and ply business as per ICC  delivery rules defined as ‘incoterms.’ We also pay for goods using the strict application of ICC UCP rules as it applies to documentary letters of credit. We use banks to supervises the payment process and we uses ‘international’ rules to close on all deals. We do as much because  ‘security, safety and delivery’  of process  is very important is servicing our clients with good proper  business practices. FTNX services is about servicing end buyer, suppliers, government agencies, and private commodity traders worldwide with straight forward advice when needed, in a very direct and simple manner. The services we offer are as follows and offered in a transparent manner–upfront. 


A supplier or end buyer has had an issue arise with an  import export deal. An email  is advice to FTNX detailing the issue in contention. FTNX with then serves a formal experts  opinion about the issue being contested. The supplier or end buyer  considers  our opinion before legally taking the matter further. Our experience in writing such expert opinions to supplier and end buyer as well as bankers and  law firms worldwide is well tested over three decades. FTNX is also able to personally recommend a law firm who are able to take on such matters intently; law firms who have dealt with FTNX, based in Nigeria, USA, Canada and U.K.  The summary or outline about the issues in hand  is delivered to FTNX in PDF form which has a password to open ( the password is sent  to FTNX in a separate email). If the opinion to be served is deemed a simple matter to address, a reply will be advised within 3 days. If the issue in hand is complex, a detailed opinion is served. The insight and opinion  we serve can then be taken to the clients own legal advisors to assess further, matters which law firms may have missed. FTNX  forensically breaks down the events to deliver insights, that may assist the principal intently before considering to take the matter further. The cost for this service are as follows. Please note; ill informed intermediaries may not use this service nor the FTNX website,  and may refer  to www.ftnexporting.com website for relevant  information.

  • Quick Reply:Trade Dispute: 500 Words or Less  served via PDF: Cost: US$ 280.00 
  • Reply served via email within 3 days of payment being made, includes email chat sessions.
  • Long Complicated Opinions: Trade disputes: 5000 words or less via PDF: Cost US$ 2500.00
  • Reply served within 10 days of payment being made; includes email chat sessions /phone calls as needed 
  • Expert Opinion: Criminal proceedings; advice serving  supporting a seller or buyer facing court action: Cost up to US$ 8000.00 
  • A law firm dealing with a dispute including proceeds of crime, and money laundering matters  associated with  international dealings, seeking  to secure a formal insight and opinion may use  this service.
  • FTNX is tenured for 1 month where an opinion, persuasive arguments and added insights; 15,000 words or less is served via a PDF. 


To take a trade dispute through the courts will  often cost millions of dollars ( and even billions of dollars) and take up to 7 years to settle in some instances. Two parties in dispute agree to have the matter looked at by FTNX  in where an opinion  is served to both parties. Parties ( or party) in dispute can then consider what FTNX has advised prior to taking the matter formally to court. Before taking up the offer, party or parties  write a summary of events that they both accept as being reasonably stated, in short form consisting of 1000 words or less, and sends it  to FTNX as a PDF. FTNX will look at the outline, and if a good answer is apparent, payment is sought. Opinion is then formally written and passed to both parties without prejudice,  to formally consider, before taking the matter to court. 

MEDIATION: Including email chat sessions as needed; 5000 words or less cost: US$ 5000.00. 2 week service  period.


A customer wants to buy a certain product at a certain price.  An offer to procure is serviced along with a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).  A deposit, financial instrument or cash is  parked with FTNX for 6 months. FTNX attempts to source  such product at price sought with full authority to make the purchase and have goods stored in Australia; or delivered  to the customer; or resold at profit by FTNX, to which 3.0% of the contract value is served as FTNX commission, should the sourced product be purchased. If no product is sourced, funds are returned including all interests earned ( if applicable) to the investor at call, or the investor may park funds for another 6 months after revising the buy price sought. This service attracts a parking fee  which is deducted, from the parked funds, once  the client seeks the  parked  funds to be returned. The parking fee is 1.25% of parked funds value. Simply email FTNX the amount  to be parked into a top ranked 50 Australian bank, and details about the product sought. If considered,  FTNX will prepare the paper work for the client to formally consider.  Whether its Gold, Crude oil, Fuels or Gains, etc..etc.. FTNX tests its suppliers and secures the products as advised in the MOU.


Need someone to oversee  current dealings and serve advice as needed.Tenuring  FTNX to be on standby, on call, for one  year as your agent,  is a service that can  be secured by a supplier or end buyer worldwide. Ideal for new traders entering the market place. Forward matters of a deal being considered or formed  as they occur via email, FTNX replies immediately (24 hours)  via email text accordingly.Phone calls allowed. 

TENURING FEE: US$ 25,000.00 per year on stand buy.