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Founder, Inventor and Best Selling Trade Author: Davide Giovanni Papa 

Website: www.ftnx.net   

Email: ftn_smice@bigpond.com

No phone numbers served online. All initial enquiries by email only.

FTN Exporting was established 1988.

For the year from: 16 June 2022  REF:WNE-007

FTN Exporting Education

The ‘World Is Not Enough’ (WINE) PDF

FTN Exporting (FTNX) created the first fully defined doctrine of trade  that may be used  by anyone trading commodities and related business practices therein. The doctrine is now a mainstream application. Most of us enter this business  as an ill informed intermediary. “You cannot simply wake up one morning a decide to trade in commodities based on what the many ill informed others are doing online; you’ll never legally nor safely close a deal using such an aspect as such aspects are unworkable and flawed - 35 years of experience, international laws and rules–says so. Buying an outdated copy of our works, made to look as current, as offered by dishonourable entities, going back as far as 2005 is also a wasted effort.’ Our doctrine  has  been updated  over 60 times to include advance trading applications. WINE is our current doctrine  and one of the largest  masterworks ever offered as we educate the intermediary on all related matters of business.WINE    educates ill informed traders or how to trade in an informed  and highly secure legal manner. WINE also by default, explains to suppliers and end buyers world wide  when being approached by the applicant, what the minimum expectations are when concluding on an export import deal safely and legally.  End buyer, suppliers, banker and even lawyers  will also learn  from  the professional aspect being offered by the intermediary. ( Many lawyer and bankers have purchased our publication-the home based trader  become  a ‘academic level’ specialist in their own right)  The  informed PCT trades in commodities by  reverting to the legal position of ‘buyer or seller.’ We’ve have broken down  the complex trading  issues to very simple to understandings. An ill informed  intermediary cannot close on an international commodity deal safely because they have no mechanism to collect on commission payments ( forget about NCNDA agreements they are worthless)  The intermediary must become informed first before they commence  to trade internationally. This is the  reality  associated with this business. We have seen so many strange  trading procedures over a 35 year period which reinforces our doctrine intently. An intermediary cannot deal in strange, idiotically inspired, unworkable  and often illegal procedures. Everyone trading in commodities must learn or know about how to apply the  basic principles of trade. Our  beta publication does just that; it makes a complex matter easy to understand and apply. Even while a war rages, with the concerns about the resurgence of Covid 19, goods  must still be imported and exported. International Trade and the Successful Intermediary (ITSI)  is our best selling formal proofread publication sold world wide as produced by our publishers in U.K. In house publications produced by the author are Beta PDF publications which has not been proofread or edited  where grammar and spelling mistakes may be evident. A Beta publication such as WINE allows us to state things ‘as they are’ and to do so without constraints. Beta publications are huge works which have not been edited, ensuring  that the applicant has the full big picture  served when commencing to trade in commodities. Our current Beta PDF  publication on offer is described below. Complex trading situation are presented in a very simple manner that most applicants  will readily  comprehend. If you want to learn all about this business, our publication must be purchased. Ideally suited for  anyone delving in  the commodity trading business especially first time home based  intermediaries wanting to  learn and apply the commodity trading business as a legally defined  “Professional Commodity Trader” ( PCT). Take 2 or 3 months to study the publication intently, then start trading as advised to gain hands on experience. The applicant will become  highly informed within 6 months thereafter and will be able to stand ‘on firm ground’  no matter the arguments presented, because we use international laws and rules to support the doctrine. When that  lucrative commodity deal you have been working on intently, finally lands on your lap, doctrine and experience  is what will close the deal - in time. If you are looking for  ‘quick cash’  or  ‘drop ship’ ( mail order )  business,  this business is not for you. If you are prepared to study the doctrine and enter the trade arena  as an informed specialist , and remain trading for ‘years’ on very large deals  then this business is for you. Learn the procedures as an informed intermediary for 2 or 3 months. We now drop the ‘intermediary or broker’ tag .We place the publication down for use as reference. Source, test  and secure a  real export ready and sought after product on a revolving basis . You are now legally defined as the Buyer.  Secure the end buyer. Close on contract. Secure the funds.  Close the deal as a ‘Seller’ in accordance with  in the WINE doctrine. There is no other way to safely and legally close on a lucrative export import deal or related internationally inspired  business deal. Even with our  publication  many applicants world wide will not make the grade. The publication offers the informed intermediary lets say a 50/50 chance of closing a deal  and offers to those who are ill informed, have no chance to close a deal - ever. The measure of the applicants long term  intent to enter this business is what makes the difference. WINE takes care of the rest.  



(WINE: World is Not Enough )

WORDS:1800 A4 pages printed on one side : 350,000 words min

FORMAT: 6 Segments PDF

COST: US$ 1100.00


Please Note: Wine PDF’s is designed to be a stand alone publication for novice first time traders and  self learners. Applicants who feel deeply about trading in commodities intently should take up this offer. The longer one practices the doctrine, the greater  the prospect of closing a lucrative revolving commodity deal, even  in these trying times.  Those looking to recoup their expense of purchase ‘quickly’ should not take up this offer. Those who cannot afford to cost of the publication, should refrain from taking this offer. If you cannot  read or write in English to a reasonable level should refrain from taking up the study outright. No ‘get rich scheme’ is offered.  The above offer is made  where the applicant  studies at their own pace .We have made a complex subject matter easy to understand and apply. Should the applicant need clarity on a subject matter 4 email ‘Question and Answer’ units is also offered. Ask the question by email and received a quick answer  when needed.  Q& A must be used within a 3 months period, commencing one month after doctrine has been purchased. If applicant is looking for more support? Consultation may be taken once three months initial study period  has been completed first 


  • WINE Masterworks  publication PDF. A lot of information is served .Have a folder ready to accept all segments and other material.
  • Comes with a generous  4 Q&A   support units  to be used within 4 months of purchase .
  • FTNX takes emails on weekends for applicants who are employed during the week.
  • Updated crude oil and fuel section  
  • Related supporting PDF  found online served  for free;  suitable for use with WINE 
  • All applicant  receive a USCT number. Price to increase  without notice as AUS$ rises against US$




No publication served with this offer. Unlike Q&A ( one question provides one answer) ,  consult units  are used to service reply until the issue  raised  has been resolved, which may take up to 3 emails to do so (or more at our discretion). Such an interaction is deemed to be ‘one consult unit.’ Ask a  trade question in your own words, in a casual and amicable manner., in matters of doctrine that need further clarification, or matters encountered when trading; we’ll serve a quick  reply via email  and remain with the subject matter until its resolved. One Consult unit is valid for use for 30 days after payment has been made; therefore if 3 Consult units are purchase at the one time, the usage validity period is 3 months etc. The applicant may chose to use their units quickly i.e; in one week,  or spread them over the usage period offered.  Consultation can only be purchased by anyone who has purchased the FTNX Beta doctrine of trade from FTN exporting directly or ITSI online. Even a few interactions with FTNX at this level, will advance your understanding of procedures greatly. Once the applicant is trading in their name, the applicant is  deemed as being a  Professional Commodity Trader (PCT). You are also a Unified Society of Commodity Traders (USCT) member. When trading, if another USCT member comes across your document, such members may unite to create a string deal with the understanding that each member in the string clearly knows  what is going on, and what needs to be done. We don’t trade with ill informed outsiders but may trade with suppliers, end buyers, law firms, bankers and other USCT peer to peer members who all observe matters of doctrine and FTNX  TRIBE Rules of Association (TRA)  Offer made is only for home based or corporate based PCT looking to learn the trading aspect intently. Professional entities wanting the same service , please see our rate card posted on the ‘added services’ page. Please note  a person who has not studied our material  may no take up Consultation as offered on this site page.  If the PCT surrenders a viable deal for closing with FTNX  a minimum of 3 consultation units is required as many emails will be needed before failure of success becomes apparent. Should the deal  be closed by FTNX, even share of commission payments with FTNX apply in a transparent manner. A minimum of  3 consult units must be taken first, before single units may be purchased  thereafter as needed. Applicant ordering  6 or more units, at the same time,  are offered a further discount on price. 9 months is the maximum standby period offered.A new novice applicant taking 9 months consult  when ordering offer (A) above pays a total a maximum  discounted price of  US$ 2400.00  in where the applicant has a one month grace study period before consult period is activated. Consultation offer a unique way of gaining experience and learning  the trading aspect quickly while the worlds leading expert ‘ has your back.’

  1. 3 Consult units : 3 months standby usage period: US$ 675.00  
  2. 6 Consult units : 6 months standby usage period: US$ 1170.00
  3. 9 Consult units : 9 months standby usage period: US$ 1665.00      



Payment via Pay Pal  is made to; ftn_smice@bigpond.com 

Those who want to pay bank to bank direct deposit, please ask FTNX for a Pro-forma invoice which will have our banking details. 

  1. FTN Exporting owns  FTNX.net and is a long-serving PayPal member and is ranked a top PayPal seller.
  2. Please read terms and conditions intently as no refund is possible once payment is made.
  3. Please go to PayPal.com to make payment.
  4. You don’t need a PayPal account to send us payment.
  5. Select  the PayPal button in PayPal site page  marked “Send Payment To.” 
  6. Forward payment to PayPal registered address:  ftn_smice@bigpond.com 
  7. Send  a private  email via ftn_smice@bigpomd.com  stating that payment was made and information about yourself  (work, family, education)   
  8. PayPal takes up to 3 banking days to clear payment before publication or service will be advised to the applicant.(Set up period is 3 days)
  9. PayPal payment by echeque not accepted as it could take up to 14 days to clear.
  10. In all cases: Purchase processed once your payment has cleared.

Terms and Conditions of Purchase: 

As applicable and relevant to the purchase is made

  • FTN Exporting (FTNX) holds governance over FTNX, and ZEHEDBIKE (ZBIKE)
  • FTNX.net is our current relevant educational website; past websites found are not relevant 
  • We have stated all relevant matters as they are, regardless if such matters seem negative, adverse or obtuse, to attract only applicants with firm trading intent.
  • The study is designed for home-based or corporate entities wanting to buy and sell large scale commodities for the first time as a long term private business.
  • We are offering educational services ‘no get rich quick scheme is offered.’
  • NO REFUND available, as this is a unique academic level formidable study owned and created by FTNX not found in any university college (Not Yet).
  • The trading procedures and advice served is made for home-based first-time intermediaries, suppliers and end buyers, lawyers, bankers, .
  • FTNX doctrine of trade can effectively and safely  legally  close commodity deals as per the expectations of current international trade rules and laws.
  • No deal participation with FTNX/SMICE is made with the study aspect ( FTNX applies discretion on this matter only to mentored  applicants ) 
  • One way or another delivery of the doctrine as a PDF is guaranteed
  • If PDF doctrine cannot be opened by the applicant, FTNX has the right to send an agent closest to the applicants country/town to assist in opening a restricted PDF.
  • Countries carrying sanctions with the USA may not apply for mentorship 
  • The applicant taking up the study with the assumption that it is unlikely in the first year of trade/study, that the applicant will close a deal.
  • If the applicant cannot financially affords to buy the doctrine and does so with the idea of closing a deal quickly; this is the wrong aspect to take, as an educational service is being offered.
  • A USCT logo once served is used to identify peer to peer informed traders. No trading with FTNX allowed
  • Those carrying a  SPCT number may use the SPCT logo even if not associated with FTNX.FTNX will verify the SPCT status is asked by a supplier  end buyer looking for a reference.
  • If applicant takes mentorship which falls within the month of December in any year , another month is added to the open question period.
  • FTN is closed for 3 weeks   from 18 December in any given year.
  • Dishonourable or  entities caught not being honest and truthful or acting indifferent to aspects of  doctrine while attached  with FTNX may have interactions cancelled without notice.

Advice and Disclaimer: 

FTNX (FTN EXPORTING) founder (1988) Davide Giovanni Papa is the best selling Author, Professional Commodity Trader (PCT) and leading internationally recognised trade expert on matters of Agency, Agents, Brokers, Intermediaries, and Principals. We also educate professional traders via the FTNX website. Rules and trading processes we have been promoting, as per our globally respected FTNX Doctrine of Trade “ITSI” (International Trade and the Successful Intermediary ) over three decades, are being used today as standard contract entries by traders, suppliers, importers, exporters and informed intermediaries.The views expressed in this article are those of the author and may not reflect those of FTN Exporting and subsidiaries therein.The author has made every effort to ensure accuracy of information provided; however, neither FTN Exporting  nor the author can guarantee such accuracy. The articles in this website  is strictly for informational  and educational purposes only when personal support is apparent  It is not a solicitation to make any exchange in commodities, securities or other financial instruments. FTN Exporting  and the author of this article do not accept culpability for misuse, abuse, and  losses incurred   arising from the use of this website which is presented in an informal Beta format.   © FTNX 2022