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Australian Suppliers Please Note:FTNX Project Under Development 

Posted: 18 May 2022  RE: ZBIKE


Status : Frame/Shell completed: 


We thank you for all enquires made regarding the ZBIKE.The following information  should satisfy such enquiries. No other information will be released 

The ZEHED-BIKE will be ready for full production in 2026. The invention was fully created  and prototype  subsequently built by  FTN Exporting  Ceo and inventor D.G Papa. Australian suppliers of Australian made products may submit what they have to offer by the way of raw materials, to FTN exporting for filing, and later reference when the time comes  to reveal the Z-Bike nears. Products we are unable to secure from within Australia  will be manufactured in our factory. Imported metals /products converted to parts within Australia are not accepted as the criteria of the project requires that raw material used in the construction of the initial ZBIKE  must be  fully made in Australia (Shell and Frame and running gear without electronic components). Parts in particular electronic components which simply cannot be made in Australia due to unviable factors or lack of manufacturing experience or expense  will be purchased from USA, England, Japan, Italy or Germany. The ZBike electrical components are the parts that we will be mostly importing. ZBIKE is a hand made product  carrying long lasting high quality  very reliable ‘solid state’  components, to serve the transport industry with full consideration of curbing  climate change issues. Initial project will call for 422 workers ( and 75 apprentices) harbouring various skill sets  pertaining to carpentry  as well as fitting and turning and metal fabrication, leather work, is being resurrected. The flow on effect into the supply chain and export string as a well as local retail sales will generate thousand of  added  jobs by default. Finished product to be sold locally at first and exported  world wide later by FTN Exporting in 2027 in conjunction with selected FTNX USCT agents ( FTNX  will consign supply to selected  and capable territorial agents ) Factory production line will be established in Bacchus Marsh, Victoria, Australia.  ZBIKE  prototype is nearing completion with  final certified  road testing to  take place in late  2024. A  new website will be incepted at this time dedicated to matters of the ZEHEDBIKE. No products from China will be considered  as the aim is to  produce a high quality product  locally and revive past manufacturing aspects which were once common in Australia; without relying on the use of  products from China.FTNX has been promoting such aspect for decades, when it first conceived the ZBIKE 

Established Australian suppliers with no commitment or legally binding aspect  may informally  submit via email, what they have to offer in large quantities from 2026 as follows: 

A detailed list will be available from mid 2023

  1. Marine grade plantation ply wood /4 mm thick, 
  2. Chains, cogs, various compression springs ,nuts, bolts.
  3. Hard steel flats, string steel, steel and aluminium rods and plates, 10 to 50 mm steel pipes. 
  4. Organic paints, sealants  
  5. Acrylic sheets @ 1.2 X 700 X 4 mm thick  
  6. Hard Rubber strip rolls with ZBIKE tyre pattern (as per car tyre compound,  50 mm wide X 20 mm thick flat tread only.No side walls. ) 
  7. Copper wiring and or other conductive material  
  8. Basic electronic  components including  relays,  DC  capacitors (3000 per month) , solid and flexible solar panels, switches and connectors, fuse box, wiring. 
  9. 12 Volt DC  250 watts DC electric motors at 1500/2500 RPM range is the standards aspect. USA markets and other countries who are allowed a higher power drive have a 600 watt motor shipped. Magnet brushed type of motors are sought, with thick high amp wiring and thick long stainless steel D shaft (12/15000+ units per year)  
  10. Climate change friendly finished leather /rabbit /sheep/kangaroo skin used for upholstery)

  11. The factory at  Bacchus Marsh will harbour a 1 MW solar array ( 4 acre) as well as 2 wind turbines,  to complement the energy used to a make the ZBIKE.  

    FTNX will also need first grade  wired AC industrial grade hand tools  at the factory level  as the ZBIKE will be hand made. No robots used.

    Only heavy duty quality producers of hand tools may submit the list for our considerations @  240 Volts AC. Tools are to come from Germany ,Italy,  Australia , U.K, Japan or USA (i.e Milwaukee , Bosch, Makita, AEG, etc, etc)

    Bench/hand  drills, saws, lathes, milling  machines, grinders, steel cutting, pipe bending, TIG welding, spray paint equipment etc.etc. 

    Manufacturers who are unable to produce and delivery no less than 1200 units per months as relevant, need not apply (i.e: 1200 acrylic sheets etc.etc.)  All contracts of supply  will serve a period of ten years minimum.When the time comes to announce this new’ first ever’ consumer based product , Australian suppliers ( and others)  already in our files will be advised first. Purchase prices /monthly supply quantities  discussed at such a time. Companies supplying FTNX with components will have their logo applied on our first public test of the ZBIKE, which will be seen by millions world-wide via You Tube and television. Companies from around the world may also submit  their willingness to supply in where such companies  will be approached  after exhausting  local capabilities  to supply  FTNX with the required components. No prices are sought at this time 

    Please submit what your company makes in PDF as per above basic list to include specifications.

    All matters advise to FTNX is held as confidential.



    A fully covered self charging ‘bike’ ( built  sturdy like a car)  that requires 50% human energy and 50% solar energy to produce 100 percent efficiency without any emissions being produced. No batteries are used. One full crank of the ZBIKE peddle delivers a unique travel distance of 3.2 metres. Solar energy stored drives electric motors.The bike is not a ‘Pedelec’ type of bike. Standard features include,  ZBike to ZBike line of sight communication, radio, UV filtrations (to kill viruses entering the cabin) side windows, full dash and instrumentation, using a combination of buttons, switches as well as LED components, reverse, 2 doors/widows, disc brakes, air con, heater, indicators, lights, phone charger, seat belt,  and even a coffee cup holder.etc.etc. There is ‘no excuse’ not to leave the car at home for short trips. ZBike trunk  can carry an added 40 kilos (ideal for shopping). No gears are required as a special feature of its drive allows for torque to match the speed of the unique oversized ‘Chariot’ style back  wheel. The purpose of the ZBIKE is designed to  eliminate the use of a petrol  car for short trips, where at peak times often ‘one person’ is seen driving such petrol fuelled cars, suited to carry 4 people at long distances is not conducive to matters of curbing carbon emissions. Likewise electric car manufacturing in the future will need a massive increase in the use of ‘dirty’ material for decades to comes, ironically at a time when carbon emissions are expected to reduce. Recycling electric cars will also  become a major problem. To leave the petrol car at home for use in long trips, now serves specific purpose for the need of a reliable, practicable person efficient and friendly transport device, and therefore reducing emission accordingly. It will be  ‘fun‘ to drive a ZBike, as it comes with full suspension and  hugs corners tightly.  A ZBIKE is designed for lifetime use, where spare parts  and ease of replacing parts plays its ‘part’ of reducing  carbon emission  as the cost of ‘recycling’  products often cost more and produces more emission than when the product was made. Planned obsolescence is now a thing of the past. Long lasting reliable  products are now the focus of future manufacturing basis world wide. ZBike will be able to reach high speeds but will be restricted  to not go beyond 50 KPH when under power. The ZBIKE is made for everyone to use for local suburban driving situations ( including heated food delivery, amphibian and police supercharged 600 Watt models are envisaged) Currently the ZBike will be offered  at the affordable price of around AUD$ 5000.00/5500.00 (2022/23 basis) for the basic standard model @ EXW and AUD$ 7600.00 for the executive model.Licence to manufacture ZBikes in other states and countries  will be offered once the incepting  factory proves viability, as the need and demand for this kind of transport system will be great for many decades as climate change rhetoric escalates. Even Nordic countries where yearly availability of  sunlight is diminished, a complimentary  compressed air and/ or small 39cc Butane/LPG fuelled   electric generator will be included to ensure longer period of sustained driving in colder climates, may be utilised  as needed. The ZBIKE is built using the principle  of “over compensation” in where each part  used greatly  exceeds  international  minimum standards. This aspect  will ensure the  longevity status of the ZBike. Parts when needed will be  inexpensive and repairs when needed can easily be done is also an added unseen feature. The ZBike will have anti theft devices fitted as well.   

    At this time, no IPO  issuance will be considered. Private funds will be secured  locally and internationally where 90% of net  profits are  returned to investor directly yearly as a dividend. FTNX as founder and inventor  will retain 10% stake for its  financial contributions and efforts made to incept the project.The investment value (90% stake ) is currently set at under  US$50,000,000.00. Local and federal government will also be approached to  serve part of this investment. ZBIKE will become profitable  within 16 months of operations commencing. Entering the export market is  already assured  via FTN exporting. 40,000 ZBikes to be built  per year minimum is planned , to be arrived at by the end of the initial 16 months of commencing operations.  Other ZEHED devices are also  planned. Should ZBike factory need to rapidly expand after 2 years, current investors will have their capital (stake) paid out;  or as an option may be  converted to the share value  supporting an issuance of a prospectus or IPO, once the value of the operations become  a proven aspect. 


    No investment capital is currently being sought with the release of information pertaining to the development of the ZEHEDBIKE. FTN Exporting CEO Davide Giovanni Papa is personally developing an investment project the details of which will be published in  “International Projects and the Successful Intermediary” (IPSI)  in 2026. ISPI is made  to compliment our current mainstream doctrine (ITSI). ITSI and ISPI  together  will provide the insight on how an  informed PCT  can also create an low capital  investment project within 5 years or less. As usual, FTNX only release a publication after its basis has been vigorously tested first.Information offered herein is done so as current at the time of disclosure without revealing key aspects or disguising actual components that will officially be used, as a matter of secrecy in protecting aspects of such key components. Over time the information offered ‘today’ may change to deliver the final concept by 2026.The operational aspects offered are correctly asserted.