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PCT/ intermediary / Entrepreneurial trading and update questions in support of ITSI and or WINE FTNX doctrine of trade worthy of listing will be added here from MARCH 2023 until years end. Short answers served only assuming that the person asking such is an Informed USCT endorsed PCT.All answers served without prejudice based on current political events .Personal opinions and progress of FTNX investment project ZEHEDBIKE may be followed on this site page. 



17 March 2023; Subject to change often as the prototype nears completion.
Without divulging critical bits of information , FTNX will commence disclosing information about its new investment project the ZEHEDBIKE, to demonstrate how entrepreneurs world wide with plenty of ideas and little money are able to conduct such an investment project ( IPSI: Investment Projects and the Successful Intermediary. IPSI will be our next publication) Those who missed out on our recent posts describing the attribute of the bike here is an outline. A 2 wheel fun to drive ‘bike” as defined under law ( Australian ) is being built by FTNX - from an idea sprouted 15 year ago. The self charging ‘bike” is powered via a method without using ‘dirty’ expensive batteries using a large 250 watt 30 Amp motor 12 Volt electric motor . The bike never needs to be recharged from an outlet . The Inventor and builder of the prototype is D.G,Papa. The bike if fully covered, it will have doors, wipers, heater, air-con, phone charger, and bike to bike radio com. The bike is able to also traverse flooded areas when weak currents have blocked main roads is apparent( Yes, it floats as well) . The bikes Pod will be bacteria/via proof via UVC light filtering the air as it enters and leaves the cabin. The bikes cabin will also protect driver from low yield radiation fallout.The bike works under sunlight during the day and generator by night, in combination with human energy contributing less than 50% of human energy imputed, will created 100% efficiency without emissions.The ZBike came to light on a simple premise ; too many big cars , conducting shorts trips, carrying only the driver. The car can now remain at home , for all short trips . A short trip for a Zbike is 20 kilometres round trip. The Zbike can carry a up to 40 kilo excess load. The bike meets and exceeds all standards and is built without using any computer chips. The bike must be wholly made by country holding license - the whole bike must be made from the country of origin without using plastics in its cabin as a demonstration that leading countries do not need to use inferior cheap parts from countries where cheap labour is evident. Current expected export price of the ZBike currently stand at AUD$ 4700.00. FTBNXv will supply concept, factory and secure staff and will keep 20% of the company and run it as CEO. 80% share will be funded by ‘mum and dad ‘ investors to ensure great returns in a very short period of time. Full disclosure and business plan in PDF will be made available in 2025.
Current Status :
Front end had to be rebuilt after initial tests last night revealed that the bike began to shake violently at 70 KPH.Even though the speed limit on Australian roads for a 250 watt Bike is 25Kph ; we’ve decided to demonstrate the bike at its full potential before official launch date in 2025 or earlier allowing countries to import the bike where bike speed limits are not apparent.Australian bike user will have a speed limiter applied after 50 Kph. 8 capacitor now feed the motor with stunning results. At night when no sunshine is available , the capacitor are charged by peddling the bike while the bike is moving forward taking only 12.35 seconds to recharge in return 68 seconds of full power is immediately available (12/68 ratio) Currently the bike weight now stands at 234 kg.

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18 March 2023
Putin is a criminal.ICC has issued an arrest warrant for the arrest of Putin for inter alia kidnapping Ukrainian children and rape. This means that the warrant remain active for ever and that while Russia has a criminal as head of state and that sanctions can never be lifted until Putin is either arrested or is dead. Putin calls the warrant ' toilet paper' which means he's deeply worried, as his future has just become evident. If a bounty becomes apparent, Putin will not even be able to trust those who he thinks are this loyal followers. Present Xi will visit the criminal next week in Russia, while China, Russia and Iran hold military drills. “What a bunch of miserable people we have here, and Xi ought to be aware that the friends he chooses are those which define who he is, and what he is about.” President Xi is sending too many mixed signals , his direction is not clear which means only one thing “ he is preparing for war by attempting to take Taiwan first” He is making ready for any outside interference - using western money. When there is a lack of direction, a lack of transparency is often evident. This will be Xi first big mistake and likely his last, if he doesn’t change his direction in a very deliberate and overt manner. Xi needs to show what he stands for- now. “Time for games are over.” Time to consider all people from China as ‘persona non gratis’ by all western democracies must now be considered intently. People who follow the misguided ideals of its leader, will remain loyal to the leader.” It’s time for Nato to now enter Russian airspace and conduct its own “Special Operations” within Russian territory. This one act will stop the use of nuclear weapons on Russian soil.This is one of Russia’s weakness; trying to avoid localised conflict. The head of the Kremlin or Putin must now fall or the world will face serious consequences of its lack of resolve. To mess around with these idiotic leaders is dangerous.

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19 March 2023
The Australian government has sunken into deep water and now it’s trapped. It has announced the purchase of Nuclear powered subs from USA
America was forged literally from fire and war.It advanced itself like not other country has ever done before in history ; even ancient Rome, to become the leader of the western world and democracies as well as a superpower in under 250 years. Now that a feat unsurpassed in human endeavours. Something that all Americans should embrace. Such a feat deserves and commands respect, even from declared enemies. Think about this–250 years ! America and war go hand in hand, they have become masters of its application; as a matter of necessity. When one stand tall above all others , others will always try to cut it down. Australia is not America. No where near it - Never will be. Now we want to play with the big boys, very dangerous games that we have no experience in conducting on the scale being entertained. Australia is so far behind that we think we are actually in front. We don’t need subs; small armies needs mass engagement of technologies - a large amount of technologies. Drones, tanks, missiles - and trained snipers(Ukraine war with Russia has proved the effectivness of this easy to initiate aspect) - to defend out country, is what’s needed ,( 10 times more power at half the price) because at the end of the day one fact that history has taught us all intently is that one must never fully depend on, or rely on the support of others; when the tough get going. If Taiwan is attacked by China today , next week or next year; our role would be minimal, even if we had 3 operational subs at this time. (1) 3 subs purchased and operational in 15 year versus 400 Chinese warships, 10 nuclear armed subs, today, half which are capable to destroy submarines not to mention the aircraft they have that can do the same\- at a time when China is preparing to take Taiwan. (2) Purchase of such Subs to protect trade routes - Which trade routes ? Never heard if anything more dumb of a reason to buy such subs. Trade route like China? If such a blockade is going to happen it will, regardless of how many subs we have.
(3) Delivery at USA - 368 Billion dollar to build . Seaworthy trials, plus fit out, plus ammunitions and actual final delivery = another $ 350 Billion dollars. Add Infrastructure in Australia including training facilities, as well as facilities to store nuclear waste =
Add to the whole premise the danger of Nuclear accidents - and the cost of cleaning such ( which has already occurred in both USA and UK subs 12 times )

Pick on Paul Keating all your like, the fact of the matter is HE is right ABC and USA commentary is wrong. This is a bad move on so many fronts
Ask Albanese and Wong to fix the homeless crisis - or health care ,or the electricity or gas crisis.( We have plenty of gas) He can’t do that . It’s too hard. I suppose it’s easier to talks BS about subs than taking care of the homeless, or pushing down energy prices
And - All the rhetoric about native tile and Aboriginal voice. Has anyone consulted with aboriginal people about storing Nuclear waste on their land.? It seems the ‘voice’ has become mute. Strange how we seem to promote such matters except when such important issues becomes apparent, it seems we don’t need to consult with Aborigines– if we don’t want to.

What a truly irresponsible act. What a mess. Australian people ought to kick the government out on the next election and return to a Government who is able to fix social issues and turn Australia at the very least into a defendable fortress.This much is indeed possible.

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21 March 2023
In 1980 we were told to change our ways or face a climate change catastrophic event in 10 years.
In 1990 we were told to change our ways or face a climate change catastrophic event in 10 years
In 2000 we were told to change our ways or face a climate change catastrophic event in 10 years
In 2013 we were told to change our ways or face a climate change catastrophic / existensial event in 10 years
In 2023 we were told to change our ways or face a climate change catastrophic event NOW
The future has been defined
In 2033 we will be told to change our ways or face a climate change catastrophic event NOW
In 2043 we will be told to change our ways or face a climate change catastrophic event NOW etc, etc..
When the purchase of nuclear submarines no longer draws interest
When the Russian - Ukraine war becomes an non event
While people living in the streets grow
As financial stress is destroying the foundation of relationships and the fabric of society
As job are being lost
As health care falls apart breakdown
One story can be relied upon to fill the gap, when very important issue are buried in the sand - Climate change!
700 scientists now claim that 80% of climate change is fuelled by fossil fuels, bearing in mind that 80% of the population has an IQ of 100 or less. Scientists say we have reached the 1.5 degree threshold. The fact that we have breached the 1.5 degree threshold in 1981 means nothing. I say bushfires, Volcanic events, War , Space exploration, Increase in coal powered generation, and electric cars are contributing to 60% emissions. I say that the Planet can easily handle fossil fuel emissions; what it cannot handle is the stupidity of Government and weak dumb leaders who think people are cattle that can readily be led and therefore misled. However, I am a pragmatist and like the idea of cleaner air , without the hyperbole and added rhetoric of climate change being added to the pot. Today right now; there are warehouses in U.K filling up with dead car batteries than were retrieved from electric car accidents. Such cars attract very high insurance cover, that even a small accident , will result in electric cars being written off. Here we have a dirtily product full of nasty chemicals that need to be recycled using high amount of energy to do so. So electric cars are now adding emissions to the air, when the whole purpose of electric cars was to stop such emissions. So foreseeable so predicable; and yet scientists failed to proclaim as much. Financial stress and adverse journalism is killing the population far quicker than climate change can ever do. Baby boomer generation are the last of their kind; we had a great time compared to what’s been going on in the last 30 year. We needs a reset , we need to return to good moral values. Failing as much means the world is doomed, for a whole host of other reasons other than climate change.There is no climate change. The patent is changing,normal natural changes which has happened on Earth at least 5 time in 14 billion years, slow irratic changes which take millions of year to eventuate.

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21 March 2023
So the ICC declares Putin a criminal , so what does Xi do - he decides to visit Putin for talks. China claims to be trying to conduct peace talks while denying Ukraine its right to sovereignty. Xi is so predicable, as is his intent. China is afraid of Putin because Putin is a person who could be slightly mad. Xi is afraid of Putin turning on China. Then we have China, India and KSA are profiting by buying cheap D2 from Russia. China is buying heaps of aluminium from Russia as well. I think any country who profits from the misery Ukrainians are suffering - directly of indirectly should be put on a short list to be kept by the USA “ for a rainy day.” I think such countries have not understood America’s resolve.I think such countries don’t understand that “America never forgets.” It wasn’t nuclear subs, armies, equipment, that defeated the Nazi’s in WWII. It was a small group of American scientists working in Los Alamos who changed the history of the WWII by creating nuclear bombs. The Americans came into the war late, and yet it was the Americans the ended WWII. Capish! China, India, KSA , Iran and others are profiting from Ukraine misery., and ‘rainy days’ always become evident - in time.

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28 March 2023
As it was the case for FTNX 35 years ago, it seems nothing has changed , huge supermarket giant Woolworths is closing its exporting business making a large number of employees redundant. The super market giant ventured into exporting goods it had secured from its own suppliers, a decade ago, to other countries. Other companies have also followed suit with the announcement that U.K retail giant Tesco and others like Sainsbury have ceased exporting its own brand in recent times citing a lack of performance due to Covid 19, Ukraine War and increase in freight charges– were blamed for the closures. In essence however, the FTNX doctrine of trade clearly had spelled it out intently; that trading in smaller lots and small container loads of goods, is a waste of effort for those looking to secure huge sales and the profits therein. Our in house doctrine also spelled it out in that “ there are simply too many people exporting small lots and that one does not need to spend months educating themselves and year practising to trade in small lots. The market place is simply too competitive for small traders tendering small deals. The FTNX doctrine of trade is about educating ‘ traders’ (intermediaries) to deal in large scale exports and large contracts often worth hundreds of millions of dollars - if not billions. Small deals attract small gains because small deals involves ‘counting pennies.’ Large export import deals cannot be transacted by just anyone, as such a huge market place does exist for those who are willing to put the efforts in educating themselves on process, procedures, rules and laws; and by practising to trade accordingly. Being informed about large deals is crucial to the whole aspect; one does not need much skill not knowledge to export a FCL of canned beans.

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