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Founder, Inventor and Best Selling Trade Author: Davide Giovanni Papa 

Website: www.ftnx.net   

Email: ftn_smice@bigpond.com

No phone numbers served online. All initial enquiries by email only.

FTN Exporting was established 1988.

For the year: 2022

Buying Goods from FTNX

FTN Exporting (FTNX)  sells commodities as  as a highly informed professional intermediate trader. For over 3 decades FTNX has seen some very strange requests and unworkable procedures, accordingly FTNX  is able to identify  genuine enquiries from  those which are falsely proclaimed.   The nature of business is legally defines FTNX  internationally as a ‘seller’ of commodities. We are sellers not suppliers.  We source valuable  and highly desired  export ready commodities, taking us many months and years to do so. We buy goods and sign the contract,  as secure only from suppliers in possession of such goods. We then sell attained goods to our sourced client who are defined as ‘end buyers.’ An end buyer is defined as the disclosed entity paying for and accepting goods ordered from FTNX. As part of the strict process and security protocol, FTN Exporting  requires to endorse the  BOL when selling  goods to the  end buyer; this means that the end buyer  cannot be another ‘intermediate buyer’ and that the person accepting the endorsed BOL of lading is the actual end user of  the goods ordered.  FTNX only applies strict rules of trade and understandings therein via all business aspects being applied to ensure the highest level of security is maintained at all times. Doing business with FTNX means doing business  with professional commodity traders using safe, globally effective  business applications.  


  • We do not sell commodities to intermediaries or trading houses situated in Asia.
  • We do not conduct business with countries holding  sanctions with U.K, USA, ECC or Australia 
  • We do not consider  selling FCL’s  lots of  less than  500 MT or VLBC shipments less than 12,500 MT. 
  • End buyers wanting to secure  revolving goods monthly are considered intently
  • We do not accept payments by KTT,  cash, guarantees or cheques
  • We do not consider any  transaction carrying incorrect terms of business such as ICPO,TT, LOI, SLC etc.
  • We have the right to refuse conducting business with any end buyer on merit, without prejudice nor reason.
  • Business preference given to USA, Commonwealth of Countries, Europe including Ukraine, selected African states  and Latin/South  American countries. 
  • No business or banking services  conducted with Russia or any other countries  portrayed as being dishonourable, and /or unreliable
  • FTNX implicitly applies to use  UCP 600 banking rules, ICC Incoterms 2020 and latest ICC URC rules and English law foreign contracts basis  in all transactions    

FTNX is a worldwide respected leading private trader.We are selective with the kind of deals we take on. Confidentiality is 100% assured. We do not take enquiries by phone as all initial enquiries must be expressed in writing via email.  All emails are read, but FTNX will only reply to genuine  end  buyers contacting us. Welcome to the world of the highly informed PCT (Professional Commodity Trader) and business minded entrepreneurs   

Advice and Disclaimer: 

FTNX (FTN EXPORTING) founder (1988) Davide Giovanni Papa is the best selling Author, Professional Commodity Trader (PCT) and leading internationally recognised trade expert on matters of Agency, Agents, Brokers, Intermediaries, and Principals. We also educate professional traders via the FTNX website. Rules and trading processes we have been promoting, as per our globally respected FTNX Doctrine of Trade “ITSI” (International Trade and the Successful Intermediary ) over three decades, are being used today as standard contract entries by traders, suppliers, importers, exporters and informed intermediaries. All matters on this website if served for business and educational purposes and may not be duplicated and used without permission of FTNX. All personal opinions of the author, on this website  are served without prejudice. The website address www.ZEHEDBIKE.com is reserved  by FTNX  for use in the near future. The ‘ZEHEDBIKE’  and matters to be disclosed thereon in the near  future, is the unique creation of FTNX.The FTNX site is to do with the international commodity  trading /business and USCT endorsed Professional Commodity Traders (PCT), using the FTNX doctrine of trade.The “ZEHEDBIKE” ( ZERRO EMISSIONS HUMAN ENERGY DEVICES : BIKE)  is to do  with matters of educating  PCT’s in matters on how the doctrine is used to create investment projects from inception. The author is actually building and creating a genuine ‘ZBIKE.’ as an investment project. Details will appear on the relevant site once the ‘ZBIKE” prototype is complete.No investment enquiries will be taken or served at this time. FTNX will both create and export the ‘ZEHEDBIKE’ worldwide accordingly FTNX  will, in the future become incorporated as owing such assets. FTN Exporting or FTNX are both the same entity. Davide Giovanni Papa is a leading international best selling author, foreign trade specialist, trade expert, trade educator, leading international intermediary expert and inventor. As a matter of business FTNX also  buys  and sells commodities and  educates  Intermediaries, end buyers and suppliers  specifically on such matters. The business matter of investing  in a FTNX investment project, will be added to our enterprise in the future. Our Publication COSI will not be released until crude oil markets markets settle ( with the defeat of Covid 19 pandemic and / or Putin). IPSI (Investment Projects and the Successful Intermediary ) to be released once current ZBIKE investment project  and prototype  becomes active. FTNX patent services when introduced as well as all other services advised, as  offered on its websites are not available  to banned  or restricted entities / countries  bearing sanctions  with USA.  © FTNX 2022