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FTNX 2021 

International Trade  and Agency Expert, International Best selling Author and Inventor 

Founder: Davide Giovanni  Papa 

FTNX is a Division of FTN Exporting, Australia (FTNX) Est: 1988


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No contact by phone accepted without an appointment. Please reload page on each visit. 

FTN Exporting is a registered business name with ASIC

FTNX founder Davide Giovanni Papa is the best selling Author, Professional Commodity Trader (PCT) and leading internationally recognised trade expert and educator. Rules and trading processes we have been promoting as per our respected doctrine of trade, over decades, are being used today as standard contract entries by suppliers, importers, exporters and the likes. From September 2020, FTNX   has officially retired from trading as we concentrate on investment projects  due for release in early  2022. Only selected commodity  transaction will be considered  by FTNX as served from supported traders on merit.  

FTN Exporting has been trading and serving trade advice since 1988 in an era when KTT, Telex and Fax machine ruled the day. We also created the first-ever formidable uniform mainstream set of safe and legally defined trading procedures, that many traders worldwide should also be using.


End buyers or Supplier world wide looking for safe formidable legally defined export-import advice, or  who require a legally defined  opinion  pertaining to a contract or pending export import related transaction may now call upon the expertise of FTNX. Please note FTNX is no longer taking inquiries from suppliers  or end buyers  regarding  commodity transactions, as FTNX is now  semi  retired and will only consider large revolving transactions-on merit.

Our fee structure and services currently available are posted. We are now assisting suppliers and end buyers  in need of  immediate trade advice without the angst of waiting. All opinion must be served in wiring , accordingly phone calls are not taken. Agents, broker and intermediaries please use, as this site is for  servicing suppliers  and end buyers world wide.  


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