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International Trade  and Agency Expert, International Best selling Author, Inventor and Rhetorician

Founder: Davide Giovanni  Papa 

FTNX is a Division of FTN Exporting, Australia (FTNX) Est: 1988


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FTN Exporting is a registered business name with ASIC

FTNX founder Davide Giovanni Papa is a best selling Author, Professional Commodity Trader (PCT) and leading internationally recognised  trade expert and educator. Rules and trading processes we have been promoting as per our respected doctrine of trade, over decades, are being used today as standard contract entries by importers, exporters and the likes. We source, buy, sell and consult upon export-ready commodities and relevant  business therein. We specialise in  large contracts of supply and initiate sales only with the supplier or end buyer. FTN Exporting has been trading and serving trade advice since 1988 in an era when KTT, Telex and Fax machine ruled the day.We also created the first ever  formidable uniform mainstream set of safe and legally defined trading procedures, that many traders world wide are now using. We conduct business apply ‘Instantaneous Contract Applications’ (ICA) when an active commodity deal is apparent, using in part, the internet and email system. We only conduct business on future revolving sales based on products we have secured and not what speculative market dictates. FTNX sources and buys sourced goods first and sells such  goods as the ‘Seller’ to End Buyers worldwide as shipped from the  country of the Supplier. We do not have possession of goods we offer; however we  ensure and guarantee that the ‘title’ and ultimate possession  of purchased goods are delivered  to our clients, in support of standing trade rules and laws. We are specialist traders trading only in revolving shipments or VLCC/VLBC single shipments. We also consider large lots/revolving FCL sales. FTN Exporting long tested and formidable trade procedures and structure is now a respected mainstream global application used and tested by many over a long period of time including endorsed professional traders, bankers, lawyers, academics and corporations etc.etc. world wide–the compliments are ongoing. End buyers looking for safe formidable legally defined  export import  transactions, or Suppliers in possession goods worldwide looking for large sales and new markets are encouraged to use our services. We are FTN Exporting, our trading business is FTNX. We direct and educate our clients, especially new exporters and end buyers on what it means to conduct business safely and honourably. FTNX does not allow anyone to represent us from 2021. We don’t use intermediaries, B2B, and social sites/platforms when conducting business and that the nature of business is a personally applied and highly confidential.“After 32 years in this business we’ve seen it all, including the consequences that follows when shortcuts or incorrect procedures are used.” 

Please read pages offered herein intently before making an enquiry to FTNX.  All emails are treated confidentially. Welcome to our world international commerce and  business!


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