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FTNX (FTN EXPORTING) founder (1988) Davide Giovanni Papa is the best selling Author, Professional Commodity Trader (PCT) and leading internationally recognised trade expert on matters of Agency, Agents, Brokers, Intermediaries, and Principals. We also educate professional traders via smice.net educational website. Rules and trading processes we have been promoting, as per our globally respected FTNX Doctrine of Trade “ITSI” (International Trade and the Successful Intermediary ) over 3 decades, are being used today as standard contract entries by traders,  suppliers, importers, exporters and the likes. FTNX  selects large revolving or single shipment / transactions and engages with end buyers  and suppliers accordingly. FTN Exporting (FTNX) has been trading and educating others  world wide since 1988 in an era when KTT, Telex and Fax machine ruled the day. We created the first-ever formidable uniform mainstream set of safe and legally defined trading procedures, that private and corporate traders world wide should also be using, more so with the advent of the Covid 19 Pandemic,  which has slowed business  down dramatically  since March 2020. Sars II Cov19  Pandemic has  reinforced  the nature and way we conduct business in such difficult times.  


Supplier world wide looking for safe formidable legally defined export-import  procedures and  are able to sell wanted  goods to FTNX, should express what they have to offer without obligation. A legally binding effect is apparent when FTNX signs the purchase contract. End buyers may purchase goods directly from FTNX using our safe and strictly served trading  procedures. We buy and sell commodities using lawful and  legally defined methods, which include strictly applied  banking and delivery rules and laws. NBC contracts exceeding 100 million dollars are of great interest to us, smaller FCL based deals under 15 millions dollars are not considered by FTNX.  FTNX is a buyer  and seller of commodities in its own name. We seal supply contracts first.  We then offer our secured good to our clients, especially those  located in the Southern Hemisphere region. If you are an  export ready supplier, looking to close a very large transaction and secure  an added sale, and you are in possession of good on offer,  provide us with your “assurance of long term supply’ for 6 months or more. You will not hear from us until we are ready to make the purchase; which must close within 60 days thereafter.  If you are a qualified  end buyer taking possession of imported goods, looking for real prices and very safe formidable procedures, buying goods from FTNX will save you time, effort and money–without risk. Let FTNX as a leading trade expert, act of  your transaction in return for peace of mind. We know all the traps and the goods we sell  have been secured directly from suppliers earlier. Such large transactions takes many months if not years to formally close. We don’t take risks. Our suppliers are paid in advance and our end buyers  receive the goods ‘as ordered.’ We guarantee it!  An end buyer can ‘buy’ goods from a supplier directly  if such sought after goods can be sourced at a good price, in where the end buyer  will need to face the  consequences and liabilities  of  the transaction  alone; or they can  buy  wanted goods from FTNX as Seller,  where we bear all such adverse effects–likewise a supplier.

FTNX is a respected leading private trader. We are selective  with the  kind of deals we take on. Suppliers with assurance of supply for at least 6 months please email your offer or assurance to us. Confidentiality is 100% assured. End buyers, may also make their enquiries  to FTNX for goods listed on the FTNX Index that they are  interested in; or perhaps  for goods that are not listed but are able to be sourced from one of our many suppliers world-wide. With BSB forums in decline, FTNX method of personally doing business has survived the test of time–Welcome to the world of the highly informed PCT (Professional Commodity Trader.) 


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