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“ To keep the ship away from the surf and spray.”


    FTNX Commodity Index (FCI) is owned by FTN Exporting Australia, whose CEO is a published international author,   leading trade educator and  expert in the nature of business being promoted; bearing  nearly  40 years of experience. FTNX via its FCI sources, buys and sells commodities world wide. FTNX negotiates and buys commodities from export ready suppliers world wide, in very large revolving lots, then sells those commodities to end buyers (our clients) ; this is our primary business application. FTNX does not conduct on the “SPOT” transactions and conducts such deals on a ‘FUTURE’ contract and delivery basis using a fixed type of pricing basis. Our business model is always strictly applied, correctly specified and harbours a uniform practice world wide. The nature of business between our suppliers and end buyers is private and highly confidential. We act for undisclosed suppliers and end buyers. FTNX buys goods from an export ready supplier usually  in large revolving monthly quantities. When FTNX sources export ready goods, a validity supply period of 6 months is expected. This means among other things; FTNX has 6 months minimum to make the purchase once goods are assured to us, as supported by an AOS ( Assurance of Supply), offer or memorandum of understanding (MOU). FTNX only sells pre secured goods to its end buyers, said goods as sourced and secured under contract prior, with a supplier in possession of goods. If an enquiry to buy goods, from an end buyer is made to FTNX, and we do not  have a supply of sought after goods, FTNX will  source such products from its current suppliers on file.  FTNX does not buy goods from third parties and must offer goods being sold, which have been secured from a supplier in possession of such goods. FTNX must also secure a Bill of Laden (BOL) that has been  endorsed by the shipowner, makes our business model superior, as it relates  to matters of security. FTNX is unable to do business with ill informed intermediaries, trading houses, or agents acting for an undisclosed supplier or end buyer, when FTNX is sourcing, buying or selling commodities. FTNX is able to conduct the specialised aspects of a ‘countertrade’ and is able to conduct business with emerging economies and governments therein. We are unable to trade in products emanating from countries bearing sanctions with the USA, England, USA ,Canada or Australia. FTNX prefers to do business with OECD countries the first instance and relevant others – in the second instance. The FTNX  is open for business  Monday to Saturday, 49 weeks per year .The FCI is closed over the  Christian/New year festive season of any year.


    The FTNX website is designed in a manner so as to assist supplier and end buyer  with  legally and lawfully applied insights pertaining to conducting safe international trade transactions. FTNX buys goods from the supplier and sells such goods to its own clients.Whether you are a supplier or end buyers, doing business with FTNX means doing safely and correctly. The nature of business we have with the suppliers has nothing to do with our end buyer and visa versa; as FTNX is the legally defined as a  ‘buyer’ of goods purchased from the supplier, and ‘seller’ of such goods, to our clients. FTNX bears full obligation of all commodity transactions it enters into. FTNX CEO DAVIDE GIOVANNI PAPA as leading highly respected international trade expert worldwide – our efforts are also served in protecting our clients fully against any financially or legal adverse effects of conducting business; said adverse effects often found in the commodity trading business. Our end buyers receives goods ‘as ordered’. Our suppliers are paid for goods once the contract is signed. If FTNX is concerned with the aspects of a deal, that might affect our client, FTNX will instigated an amicable process that allows ‘contracted obligations’ to ‘pause’ until the adverse effect has passed–without penalty. This is just one aspect of doing business with FTNX, that end buyers and suppliers are unable to receive elsewhere. 

Suppliers in possession of goods looking for added sales, which can be made available for first delivery within 6 months, should contact FTNX by email describing what they have to sell along with a  fixed or variable price basis and specifications. End buyers taking possession of goods, looking to buy a listed products or is need of a sourced product  safely should contact FTNX by email stating exactly what is wanted and the price basis sought. Once contact is established FTNX  private phone numbers and other confidential matters are applied on the offer or contract.