Last post/update: September 20,2019

    Registered business entity FTN Exporting (FTNX) is an international commodities trader established in 1988. We commenced business with the use of facsimile and telex machines, today being replaced with computers and the internet email system. FTNX is owned by the worlds leading authority in the business of the private Professional Commodity Trader (PCT) as serviced by International best selling author Davide Giovanni Papa of Melbourne Australia, who brings both experience and education to all business being initiated with us. We intently consider large commercial business applications. 


FTNX buys and sells commodities from all over the world as a buyer or seller, on a level playing field without favour nor prejudice, as a Professional Commodity Traders (PCT). FTNX does not have possession of the goods we sell, in where the ‘title’ aspect of such goods as secured by FTNX as seller, is passed to the end buyer as per international delivery rules defined under ICC Incoterms Paris, France. Our unique procedures also incorporate principles of trade which includes laws as defined under UNCITRAL and International Contract Formation Rules and the business of International Agency, as specified and covered under foreign laws of England. We have also adapted rules from localised intestate / international  commerce as prescribed under the USA Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Code. Bank matters on the issuance of financial instruments is governed by ICC UCP International banking rules, while ICC URC governs all matters of collecting on a DLC. Unlike localised laws and rules, UCP and URC rules are universally accepted procedures no matter from which country the suppliers or end buyers are  from. The above  basis used by FTNX is bound by our 30 years of experience which delivers the supporting routine that buyers and suppliers in some part will need to abide by, as we will not compromise the many security features of our well tested procedures–Simply said, we don’t take risks. When combined our mainstream well tested and respected trading procedures are both formidable and laden with security features supported by the rule of law. In essence, FTNX only conducts the business of buying and selling commodities, using correctly applied and universally acceptable trading procedures. 


Principals may do business with each other, or they have the option  instead to go through FTNX. Don’t think that dealing with the supplier directly is going to get an end buyer the best price and service. As to suppliers; securing a single VLBC shipment contract or a contract for revolving  monthly supply of a wanted product for 12 months or more is not an easy feat. Suppliers worldwide looking for added sales  should also use our services. To deal with only one person who could secure such a large contract, means we want the best lowest price basis in return for serving new business and best practices. The end buyer and supplier dealing with FTNX will be dealing with international trade specialists and experts. We never take short cuts.  


Our legacy to the business of international trade is apparent; one set of procedures that can be used by end buyers, suppliers and private traders worldwide, in where best laws support our practice. New importers and exporters entering the precarious international trading arena for the first time, buying or selling goods via the FTNX is a very good idea. Safe dealing and best prices are assured.



Last Updated: October 20, 2019

Copper Cathodes currently available from various  sources  where stockpiles remain high. No Cathodes from Chinese suppliers  currently on offer to FTNX . Best prices for 1000 MT monthly orders  for up to 12 months at FCA  Incoterms.  Single trial shipment available  at 200 MT .Please add  2.15%  to index price form single trial shipment.FTNX prices hold remain on the low end price basis  until early March 2020  


Last Updated: October 22, 2019

FCO  Index is offering  sweet crude oil from primary and secondary suppliers  on a non spot basis. Ideally contract of supply exceeding 3 year is offered . FTNX is offering a fixed price basis with mitigation factors  applies in where should the market price rise of fall by a predetermined amounts , price offered to with the end buyer is  also adjusted accordingly. This kind of fixed price offered the end buyer long period of stable prices.  A variable price basis is also available on request where the supplier offers a price as per a tracked bench mark , in where FTNBX receives a discount  on a month to  months basis 


Last Updated: October 21, 2019

While supplier’s price basis is always considered first, FTNX Diesel price  offered to Buyers or Suppliers is based on the price of crude oil in were a premium is added to arrive at the D2 price basis .  Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel Bunker  No 2 fuel oil is sought with a Sulphur content of 100 ppm or less and a Cetane number exceeding 50 . Other grades  of fuel oil from 1 to 6 are considered  in  where the ULSD2  Index is the mostly sought after product . ULSD2 carries a fixed price basis. Supply greatly varies in any given year and is a product constantly being sourced by FTNX.


Last Updated: October 21, 2019

Aluminium ingots when available, is secured  from various suppliers in Asia  at great prices , often  like most of our products, much lower than those indicated prices found on  a speculative indices. Trial FCA /CFS shipment exceeding 100 MT is considered at  a higher price basis  in where should the rest of the contract be  honoured, a cash rebate is served on the higher priced trial shipment. 

FTNX Investment /Trade News 

Last Updated: October 23, 2019

 Singaporean residents   are leaving on mass with a 30%  increase in property sales in Melbourne and Sydney,  Australia.  FTNX is able to act as a private Agent  for  overseas property and / or business buyers for properties exceeding  4 million dollars in value. As a privately tenured   Agent  an agreement is signed and a deposit is paid  in the form of a  Letter of Credit  when a property is secured. The Agent then inspects properties on behalf of the principal, or as found by the Agent, meeting with the buyers request.   A report is served . FTNX provides an honest  ‘ground level’ summary and opinion  of what we think about the property sought  before purchase takes place. A very transparent transaction is always apparent.  The Buyer must apply for an Investment or Business Visa  before considering a move to Australia,  and again, is  an area of expertise that FTNX is able to assist in as well. Once the buyer accepts the property, FTNX then secures all the required documents to ensure a clean sale. The buyer arrives in Australia and takes immediate possession. Buyers wanting to tenure FTNX  associated member In Melbourne or Sydney  as an  Agent, confidential enquiries may be sought  by email for a prompt response.  FTNX charges a fixed price for tenure in where the transaction must be completed within 6 months of signing a tenure agreement. We do all the work on behalf of our disclosed principal.

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