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Last Post/Update: 10 August 2019

FTN Exporting international trade and educational services was established in 1988 and is owned by Davide Giovanni Papa CEO, of registered business entity  Exporting Australia. FTN Exporting is also a Private ‘Professional Commodity Trader’ (PCT) conducting business under the online name of ‘FTNX’ to ensure educational services do not interfere with our trading business. This site describes our commodity trading aspect.  FTNX buys and sells commodities from all over the world on a level playing field without favour nor prejudice, as a (PCT). When buying commodities FTNX  is the Buyer to the Supplier on possession of export ready goods it has offered.When  selling goods FTNX is the seller ‘acting for undisclosed principals’. 

FTNX does not have possession of the goods we sell, in where the ‘title’ to goods on offer is secured by FTNX is serviced to the end buyer as per rules and laws defined under ICC Incoterms delivery rules. FTNX buys from the supplier of export-ready goods using the virtues of an ‘at sight documentary letter of credit’ (DLC) as prescribed under ICC UCP international banking rules. In essence, FTNX only conducts the business of buying and selling commodities, using formidable and strictly applied safe trading procedures. We deal in physical products, devoid of guesswork, rumours or influenced by shareholders. The FTNX conducts business in the buying or selling commodities to ‘future ‘ buyers devoid of speculative forces apparent under ‘spot’ transactions. Prices offered by FTNX  are based on the actual buy price we have negotiated from the supplier directly when buying goods on,  in where the greater share of any discounts secured is passed on to the buyer. FTNX sources large amounts of goods able to sustain a revolving transaction - this is the kind of deals we specialise in. Revolving monthly products, as secured from the supplier under a contract which often takes months or even years to secure. The buying of goods from a supplier is one independent aspect not associated the act of selling such goods to our clients as a seller, which is again another aspect of the business. The tangible aspect of the trade being conducted is by way of selling ‘title’ to the goods we offer so that our end buyer can take ownership of the property in them at the destination port. No different to any qualified end buyer purchasing goods directly from their own sourced suppliers. A supplier and buyer may do business with each other; or they chose instead to go through FTNX in where our formidable, safe and strictly applied process and the Rule of Law along with our long  experience governs the whole transaction. 


Goods offered by FTNX have already been secured by the FTNX.

If we don’t have access to a product sought by the end buyers, we will attempt to source such goods.

Prices offered by the FTNX is lower than speculative prices is a guaranteed aspect of the business.

The ‘FTNX ‘ knows all the traps in this business; seen or unseen, which many exist.  

A Principal is looking to offload large quantities of stockpiled goods, may place goods with FTNX to consider buying. 

A new exporter/importer is looking for advice, safe dealings and guidance should consider offering  goods for FTNX purchase considerations.

We do not conduct business with ill-informed intermediaries.

We apply English contract formation rules and foreign governance therein.

We apply ICC Incoterms and UCP 600 /URC Financial Instrument banking rules in all transactions.

We use top 100 ranked banks of the world when advising a credit.

We apply LCIA Arbitration Rules if a dispute cannot be settled amicably.

A Principal is dealing only with FTNX at all times in where legal obligation rests with the FTNX.

We were the first to create a universal uniform process for private traders, as supported by formidable rules and laws.

Our procedures incorporate in part UNCITRAL (United Nations Commission of International Trade Laws)


An export-ready Supplier in possession of goods being offered to the FTNX prepared to provide a long term offer, (4 Months or more) exceeding a contract value of 100 Million is what interests us. New exporters entering the precarious international trading arena for the first time, placing goods for FTNX to consider buying, will receive guiding support from a world leading expert.