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Professional Commodity Trader (PCT)

Founder, Leading Author Educator and Inventor:  Davide Giovanni Papa CEO FTN Exporting Australia  

Unified Society of Commodity Traders (USCT)

Updated and Posted:11 June 2024

About FTNX

FTNX is a private  entity acting on behalf a disclosed principal FTN Exporting. FTN Exporting commenced  trading in commodities in 1988. Our first website was established mid 1990, and is still currently active. FTNX buys and sells commodities world wide to buyers, following TRIBE Rules of Association (TRA) when interacting with its authorised brokers and agents. All  registered FTNX brokers and agents in a given year,  bearing a SPCT or USCT number as issued by FTN Exporting, are ostensibly  representing FTNX. When conducting a trade deal, FTNX sources goods from suppliers world wide and sells such goods to its clients. We are required to secure goods first , before offering such goods to our clients - the end buyer taking possession of goods ordered from FTNX.

 In essence, FTNX has become a world leading  specialist trader delving  only in very large contracts of supply  exceeding US$100 million dollars in value of NBC loads and US$ 1 million dollars when buying or selling Full Container Loads (FCL). FTNX only conducts  business legally  using ICC  Incoterms delivery rules, ICC  UCP600 endorsed bank instruments, English law of contract and TRA, as these are the safest and strongest set of rules a PCT could use internationally. FTNX leading doctrine of trade is now used world-wide and serves basis of our own business application and experience.  

Nature of Business 

  • FTNX buys, sells and sources commodities world wide using the rule of law as a support mechanism.
  • FTNX also serves matters of trade education and advice when servicing documents to clients. 
  • FTNX uses its leading doctrine of trade in all business transactions 
  • FTNX is also an entrepreneur and inventor  and conducts its own  investment  projects
  • FTNX is also a Crude Oil and Fuel Trader
  • FTNX is able to serve expert trade related opinions in pending International legal cases         

Doctrine of Trade

FTN Exporting has advised countless of people over a 35 year period in the nature of business. The FTNX Doctrine of Trade has helped countless number of sellers,  buyer an others  world wide since its official  release in 2010 via its leading publication ITSI which remains a  leading first edition   publication. Using the FTNX doctrine of trade in all business  means using the safest  legally defined set of trading procedures - that all buyers and sellers  world wide should be using.When conducting business with FTNX or its registered  attached agents; means the nature of business is being overseen and protected by FTNX using all legal means at its disposal. Suppliers who are export ready, or end buyer who are RWA  when dealing with FTNX , are dealing with highly informed experts  and informed specialists. FTNX  conducts all business in a  strictly private and confidential manner. FTNX or its Agents  cannot conduct business with ill informed  ‘intermediaries’  unless they first become informed and conduct business as a PCT or International Trade Specialist (ITS).