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World Is Not Enough (WINE) PDF

Latest Offer Posted:10 April  2023  REF DPM-065

All other offers  made prior have expired.


The informed intermediary trading in goods worldwide as a professional Commodity Trader (PCT) must first source a supplier for the very same goods they wish to trade in. The PCT now acts as a buyer to the supplier, ‘on this side of the fence.’ The PCT now sells the secured goods to an entity in need of such specific goods as seller, “on this side of the fence.” The PCT is now acting for an undisclosed principal when selling such  goods secured prior. In essence the PCT must legally act as a “buyer/seller’ when trading in commodities. This is the only way a home or corporate based intermediary  will be able to process to dealing in large contracts carrying very high values. This is the legally defined aspect supported by the rule of law world wide regardless if you are situated in the USA, Sth America or Timbuktu. Uniformity of practice world wide further defines the platform on which the intermediary needs to stand on to become successful in this business. FTN Exporting DAVIDE GIOVANNI Papa has done just that., “we created the first legally defined uniform platform WORLDWIDE for intermediaries to become informed before venturing into the  sourcing and exporting Business. Anyone can buy one or a few FCL loads of ‘shoes, wines, clothes, chocolate bars.etc.etc.” No great skill is needed to do as much; like wise anyone can act as a ‘drop shipper’ today; no different to the nature of business 50 years ago defined as ‘mail order.’ Large companies recently (Notably Tesco in U.K and Woolworths  Australia) have recently stop exporting their products to other countries because “selling small container loads is simply too competitive  and returns are little.” The lucrative profits that could  be earned in this business however comes from buying and selling large single bulk shipments or revolving shipments of much wanted raw products ( Ores, crude, sugar, corn etc..) used in the  manufacture of  end user products. To do as much, the PCT needs to be highly informed, educated and experienced person carrying a unique skill set. Even if you want to trade in internationally inspired business using your own methods, basic understanding especially in matters of rules, contract and finance still needs to be learned. Become informed while gaining actual experience; mistakes are tolerated in the doctrine, as we all need to make mistakes  in the early days to eventually become successful later.  Applicants should be trading in live deals within 6 months - history will dictate the rest.

We don’t mince words and state things how they are. From the many who will ‘try’ this business, only a few will succeed in any given year, to become a fully fledged PCT. This is a very exciting business to apply, as it is one of the most complex and challenging business applications in the world. The overall process is easy to learn and even to apply, once some experience becomes apparent; the challenging  part is to secure a deal all the way to closing which may take up to 3 months of sleepless nights to finally achieve. Buying and selling commodities or dealing internationally on other related aspects of big business- one must know what they are doing. You have no friends in this business; this is the nature of any good business orientated practice.A person taking up this study must be prepared for the long haul measured in years; before knowing if this business is for them.If you want to become a specialist trading in bulk commodities then you must study and apply all matters offered in our  beta doctrine of trade WINE which is not proofread and is 4 times larger than ITSI. ( Beta: Mistakes in grammar /spelling will be apparent in a bet edition, no effecting the overall aspect  being advised.) If you are contemplating large internationally inspired business as an entrepreneur rather than trader; the same advice is served. We cannot guarantee trading success, as we cannot gauge personal abilities of each applicant, we do however guarantee that the advice found in our unique  doctrine is able to legally and lawfully close a bulk commodity transaction as tried by a home or corporate based PCT. One does not “give up their day job” until they have first mastered the trading aspect - is the best advice we can give. This is the nature of any worthy educational endeavour,  history will then dictate the rest. One who is not prepared to spend study time and make trading efforts online; one who has poor English language, reading and  writing skills - one who is looking for a get rich quick scheme, should consider taking up another profession, because this business is unforgiving to those who are ill informed. The earning potential is huge; the reason why such potential is huge is because the nature of business is complex. You cannot simply wake up one morning  and trade in commodities by following what idiotic ill informed traders are doing online. This is a very difficult  business to apply at the best of time, let alone when a pandemic and war continues to cause huge delays and shortages.FTN Exporting (FTNX) created the first fully defined uniform doctrine of trade  that may be used  by anyone trading in commodities and related business practices therein- especially buyers, sellers and home based  intermediaries world wide . “We’ve been at it for over 35 year, our mistakes are not your mistakes.” Ideally suited for new  first time home based traders or seasoned corporate based intermediaries, banks, law firms, corporations and the likes who want to become fully informed about the nature of business described. 

 International Trade and the Successful Intermediary (ITSI)  is our best selling formal proofread publication sold world wide as produced by our publishers in U.K. ITSI holds the base trading doctrine in its purest form. In house publications produced by the author are Beta PDF publications which has not been proofread or edited  where grammar and spelling mistakes may be evident. In-house  BETA publication promote the base doctrine, by adding mush more insights to such. A Beta publication such as WINE allows us to state things ‘as they are’ and  do so without constraints - which couldn’t be offered in ITSI. The beta edition breaks down ITSI to its bare bone aspect. The procedures protects the intermediary intently as we are aware that mistakes will be made as a new highly informed traders/intermediaries enter the global market place. As each step is learned, the closer to that one deal becomes. Even if a few interactions while applicant is  being mentored will delivery the trading insight,  that might have takes years to learn alone; or cost a small fortune if lawyer are use to complete a transaction. We cannot force applicant to interact with us, as such, if you are not serious about this business and are prepared to trade and practice the aspect  ‘for years’  taking up mentorship could be a waste of our time and your money. The doctrine of trade is an academic level educational publication, exceeding courses offered in universities or colleges around the world. Our study ought to be found in   in such institutions; alas do so would cost a lot more than what we are offering the study at, and take  years to complete. WINE pdf is made for Self learners trading commodities and internationally inspired business entrepreneurs. Corporation can also benefit from educational aspect offered. The applicant needs to understand and learn aspect of Intentional law, Agency, finance, contract formation and sourcing.This is the study aspect. While studying, the PCT slowly enters the marker place.This aspect is about obtaining actual trading experience. Such matter will needs at least one year ( or more ) of practice before the nature of business because much more seriously inclined. This is the period in time  when you’ll know if this business is for you.



Words:1400 A4 pages printed on one side: 360,000 words min

Format: 6 Segments PDF

COST:US $620.00


VALID: Q&A valid for 2 months  

Ideal for first time intermediaries entering the market place wanting to work alone. Beta WINE PDF doctrine of trade is made for new first time home or corporate based intermediaries and entrepreneurs delving in the business of exports and imports. We have made a complex study matter easy to understand. Read and study the the doctrine intently over a 2 or 3 month period, get the basis right, and start trading- one step at a time until experience and practices become second nature. This may take up to 6 months or more to achieve. I have given you 2 emails Q&A that can be used within the first 2 months of purchase as an added study incentive. Unsure about a step or attributes of a live  deal, simply email us and we’ll return a reply within 24 hours. Please note we’ll also provide 1 month study grace period before activating 2 month Q&A service period. You cannot conduct such complex business by following others online, using unworkable illegal methods. Rules and laws guide our path, and no short cuts are allowed. Do the study and enter the business side of trading and or agency as a highly informed entrepreneur; informed at the academic level.  Use the  Q&A  when first commencing  to trade as it will   deliver great insight when needed the most. 




Words:1400 A4 pages printed on one side: 360,000 words min

Format: 6 Segments PDF

COST:US $1322.00


VALID: Q&A valid for 10 months 

(Offer (b)  price subject to rise without notice) 

Ideal for first time intermediaries entering the market place wanting to work alone but is looking to retain open support for 12 months ‘as needed.’ If a deal is brought to our attention, FTNX will do the closing with the applicant, where the applicant obtains rare ‘hands on’ educational and practical insights on the closing process until failure or success is recorded. No mentorship is offered, applicant simply follows the process in the doctrine and asks us to guide their efforts with advice sought, as served via email ‘as needed.’ You cannot conduct such complex business by following ill informed others online, using unworkable illegal methods. Rules and laws guide our path, and no short cuts are allowed. Do the study and enter the business side of trading and or agency as a highly informed entrepreneur; informed at the academic level. Read the doctrine intently then start trading as advised.   If an issue needs servicing, send us an email  and we’ll service reply within 24 hours or sooner ( if we are online when you are ).You are paying for offer (a) above except we’ll remain on standby to service your emails as needed  for a very generous period of 10 month of purchase (half our normal price). Ask study question  for the first two months allowed. We expect applicant  to start trading in live deals ASAP as per doctrine thereafter. Service includes advising upon confidential documents pertaining  to live deals  and advising how to serve a reply (one question/deal per one email please, as a simple question or seemingly simple deal could result in a complex answer/interactions ). After 10 months, applicant is on their own. Start trading ASAP after completely reading the doctrine intently; knowing that the world leading expert  is on hand  when needed. This one aspect alone service confidence to the new applicant to make real efforts early and is the next best thing to mentorship. Even small use of service will produce great insights.


(As From 10th Feb 2023)

Due to recent changes to  Pay Pal policy, in an effort to reduce excessive  fee’s and undue /unwarranted delays, purchase via Pay Pal are no longer the preferred  method of payment

If  secondary payment method is by Paypal, simply make payment and send notification as well as Order Form (as instructed below)  to FTNX. 

Please add  US$28.00  to offer price made  if using PayPal. We’ll contact you when PayPal payment has cleared.

We need to formally know the identity of the person taking up our offer. 

All preferred payments are  payable  to FTN Exporting via direct bank to bank  payment methods described  below is now the primary payment  aspect. 

This also formally confirms to the applicant our identity

All Emails: ftn_smice@bigpond.com

All  PREFERRED Payments  from APRIL   2023

  1. Go to  www.ftnx.net library and download FTNX Order Form PDF and added advice therein
  2. Select  offer /service sought  and fill in details  as instructed  and read added advice therein.
  3. Send  PDF advice  via email to FTNX . In return;
  4. A  no obligation Pro Forma invoice for direct payment to our bank will be advised to the applicant via PDF -  Invoice is valid for 2 days  
  5. When  payment is advised to FTNX, email sent to applicant, by FTNX to confirm that payment has been received.
  6. Service initiated  once payment has cleared.(Allow top to 48 hours)
  7. FTNX contacts applicant via email and arranges for service sought  to be initiated once payment has cleared. (For those working we are online weekends as well)
  8. Applicant simply follows our instruction to receive service/material  sought.
  9. It takes about 30 minutes to send all material to applicant. 
  10. Ideally applicant should be at their computer for 30 minutes  when the process commences 


Terms and Conditions of Purchase: 

As applicable and relevant to the purchase is made

  • FTN Exporting (FTNX) holds governance over FTNX, and ZEHEDBIKE (ZBIKE)
  • Applicant acting dishonourably after  taking up mentorship may have services cancelled  without recourse or remedy
  • Private confidential secretive and very unique study served by the creator of such“; “no look first pay later aspects’  available. All applicants  apply the nature of business will learn a great deal from the information offered in WINE or served under mentorship.
  • Mentorship and open support is generously served with a huge discount apply, for such a long support period, as FTNX normally charges outsiders US$ 300.00 per hour for consultation services.
  • FTNX.net is our current relevant educational website; past offers made are not relevant 
  • We have stated all relevant matters as they are, regardless if such matters seem negative, adverse or obtuse, to attract only applicants with firm trading intent.
  • The study is designed for home-based or corporate entities wanting to buy and sell large scale commodities for the first time as a long term private business.
  • We are offering educational services ‘no get rich quick scheme is offered.’
  • It is impossible to gauge which applicant will close a deal against those who will not.We guarantee that the lessons learned via our doctrine  can legally  close a  import export deal as relevant. 
  • Reasonable skill in writing  and reading in English, some basic skill in maths as well as skill in producing good documents via a computer  must be evident before purchase of the service or doctrine is made. 
  • NO REFUND available, as this is a unique academic level formidable study owned and created by FTNX not found in any university college (Not Yet).
  • The trading procedures and advice served is made for home-based first-time intermediaries, suppliers and end buyers, lawyers, bankers, .
  • FTNX doctrine of trade can effectively and safely  legally  close commodity deals as per the expectations of current international trade rules and laws.
  • No deal participation with FTNX is made with the study aspect ( Only fully mentored applicants  have this right)
  • One way or another delivery of the doctrine as a PDF or hardcopy  is guaranteed
  • If PDF doctrine cannot be opened by the applicant, FTNX has the right to send an agent closest to the applicants country/town to assist in opening a restricted PDF.
  • Countries carrying sanctions with the USA may not apply for mentorship 
  • The applicant taking up the study with the assumption that it is unlikely in the first year of trade/study, that the applicant will close a deal.An educational service is only  being assured.
  • If the applicant cannot financially afford to buy the doctrine and does so with the idea of closing a deal quickly; this is the wrong aspect to take, as an educational service is being offered.
  • A USCT logo once served is used to identify peer to peer informed traders. No trading with FTNX allowed except where an offer specifies as much, or when a SPCT string includes a USCT member 
  • Those carrying a  SPCT number may use the SPCT logo even if not associated with FTNX. 
  • When attached to FTNX a SPCT member acts as our agent  at their own discretion, under our instructions, while attachment to FTNX is in effect ( e.g: mentored applicant ) 
  • FTNX will verify the SPCT or ITS status is asked by a supplier  end buyer looking for a reference.
  • If applicant takes mentorship which falls within the month of December in any year , another month is added to the open question period.
  • FTNX is closed for 3 weeks   from  15 December in any given year or as stated on a study  offer made.
  • Dishonourable or  entities caught not being honest and truthful or acting indifferent to aspects of  doctrine while attached  with FTNX may have interactions cancelled without notice.
  • FTNX serves those who are employed during the week,  weekends (mornings AEST)  as well.
  • FTNX does not trade during Christmas New year christian festive season ( 15 Dec 2022 to 2 Jan 2023)  which is not counted as part of service period taken.
  • ITS certificates are not easily secured and cannot be purchased separately. ITS certificate when offered is served at discretion of FTNX to mentored applicant  8 months after taking up lesson.
  • Applicant acting as a FTNX agent  has service terms and conditions also applied upon meeting licensing requirements .
  • An FTNX agent  acting dishonourably not within the bounds of the FTNX doctrine or TRA may have licensing revoked. Disobeying instructions of the principal  may cause the same result.