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Educating those we are conducting business with us is an important aspect of the overall trading process. It saves time and rectifies adverse understandings, that otherwise may have become evident after the deal has been successfully closed. FTNX is a private and professional commodity trader, where discipline, uniformity of process and the rule of law (ROL) dictates our side of the trading process. Unfortunately, there are leaders from around the world who proclaim to abide by the rule of law, in one hand, only to shy away from such virtues, to favour other aspects to settle an argument such as trade sanctions and applying new tariffs; which in turn only hampers the ability of ‘everyday’ people their right to work and conduct business on a level playing field. If one country has a grievance with another, then it should be ‘the rule law’ and not sanctions that directs proceedings, the kind of proceedings that all parties have agreed to abide by the final decision of the ‘Umpire.’ This aspect of settling a dispute would ‘open up the world’ to the business of commerce, like no other time in history. FTNX  founder Davide Giovanni Papa as a leading trade expert is able to offer added services related to the nature of the core  business premise we apply. Where expert opinions are sought, we serve such based on actual experience gained, as encountered over a long period of time as well as the ROL.After 32 years in the education and trading in commodities FTNX CEO has gained a reputation for its expertise-worldwide . Our services are as follows, in where commodity trading remains as our  primary business application .  


This is our core business; the kind of business which meanders into other commercial applications of commerce and agency. When a deal becomes active, we seal a contract of purchase with a supplier holding stockpile or a large quantity of product in storage. We  attempt to buy such good at the lowest variable or best fixed price possible. We then spend many months vetting end buyers  who are able to buy such purchased goods from us as Seller. Our sell price serves all our operational expenses and gains, in where the majority of our purchase price, as obtained from our sourced suppliers is delivered  to our end buyers. We do not conduct business with intermediaries and will only conduct such business with disclosed suppliers in possession or goods, and end buyers taking  possession of goods purchased from  FTNX.

  • COST: No charge imposed for this service  



Need international trade advice? This service is for suppliers, end buyers, corporations, professional traders and intermediaries world wide needing specific advice pertaining to the business of international trade business. This service is offered by email. The applicant  pays for the consultation fee. The applicant now has 30 days to use the service. The applicant  serves the  query made by email. A personalised  reply is served within 24 hours. We allow around one thousand words to define the level of advice served. If a reply is able to be served in a lets say 100 words, then the applicant still has 900 words spare to use within the 30 days service period. If the answer sought is complex and long, exceeding 800 words, then the consultation service is deemed to have been rendered accordingly as intended. Please note, law firms seeking  legal opinion cannot use this service. 1000 words is deemed as a one hour consultation period, even though many hours or even days were needed to produce such advice. Should the applicant  want a ‘trade expert’ to be on standby ‘as needed’ on call basis, may take a full 8 month stand-by period; the cost of which is discounted  to a lump sum payment  equal to 5  consult units. 

  • COST: $425.00 Per Hour 


Corporation and private traders globally in a trade dispute needing an opinion before taking litigious matters further may use this service. Law firms needing an expert  opinion  related to matters of trade, money laundering and proceeds of crime, may also use this service. FTNX founder has experience in serving such opinions in VIP criminal matters and trade. Please serve a summary outline of the issue causing concern. If we feel we could offer a good opinion and serve persuasive argument, a pro-forma invoice will be advised. Please note; such opinions  usually take 30 days or more for a basic  ten page summary. Longer periods may apply  if the matter in contention is complex. FTNX CEO, is unable to personally appear as witness in pending court cases. Phone calls accepted during this service. 

  • COST: $100.00 Per Hour : Minimum Ten Hours or Part  Thereof.


Australian banks are ranked as top 100 banks or  the world. Australian civil and corporation laws are  highly respected world wide. Any entity wanting to utilise our bank  for holding trade  deposits/payment (DLC) or where a buyer wants the reputable long standing entity FTNX to buy goods as they become available, may deposit funds in our bank for up to 6 months  is where FTNX supervises the deal as expert.

  • An End Buyer doing business with a Supplier unsure of the situation being encountered can have the DLC deposited with FTNX with instructions to which the supplier will be  paid as per FTNX strict  processes.
  • A PCT doing the same as above may use our bank in where  in where FTNX supervises the deal up  to collection. If collection does not meet our strict requirement no payment will be made. 
  • An End buyer may lodge a deposit in FTNX account  and  serve FTNX with a sourcing request based on a specific price . Should the goods be sourced FTNX goes ahead an buys the good for the end buyer. 
  • A Principal  world wide may tenure FTNX as their agent or manager. A company is registered  in Australia in where FTNX will supervise  the new bank account opened locally, and business of the principal.

COST: Advised once the  inquiry made  has been clearly  assessed. In general a charge of between 0.75% up  to 1.75% of the deal value will  be charged for our supervisory, private trustee  or  escrow role.  


Closing an export deal.Need someone to advise/ act on your behalf in a fully disclosed manner as your representative ? Need to test an active market?  Full confidential service offered to buyers or supplier world wide 3 months  tenure ‘stand-by’ period minimum up to one year tenure available. Tell us what you need to be done via email,  we’ll advise in private if acceptable without any obligations.

COST: 3 month tenure period  US$ 6000.00 applies  as  well as an agreed upon commission rate for successful deals closed by  your disclosed agent FTNX.


Payment Procedures:World-wide 

  • Please provide service sought via  email. 
  • Keep it brief and to the point. 
  • Please also provide  a profile about yourself. 
  • If service sought is appropriate;
  • A Pro-Forma invoice  will be advised with our banking details. 
  • If not we will explain why, intently what the issues are.


Note: Ill informed traders / intermediaries please use educational service via  SMICE as we cannot serve you via FTNX.


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