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FTN Exporting was established 1988.

For the year: 2022

FTNX Opinions


19 FEB 2022

Shipping and delays  at port of destination are ongoing due to the pandemic; add a possible war in ‘Europe’  and you have the ideal situation fuelling  rate hikes in both freight and  insurance. In the Gulf War (1991) insurance rates of up to  6 percent of goods value  were reported.Result ? Prices are passed on to the consumers allowing  inflation to take hold.Buyer must allow  for increased freight, delays and demurrage expenses, and should consider, as a matter of business that goods  will not be ‘delivered on time.’ Supplier may need to also assist end buyer with some of these added expenses and not rely  on the interpretation of incoterms only, such rules  which didn’t account for a Pandemic. FTNX contracts apply incoterms 2020  where the term ‘added variants’ apply. In other words , the PCT applies incoterms on the offer, and the sections being reinforced; which are further addressed on the relevant parts of the contract.  


19 FEB 2022

New FTNX crude oil and fuel purchasing procedures have been  successfully trialled from 2021 which will now finalise entry in  current in-house publications and defined our new publication COSI  as crude and fuel sales will dramatically fall in usage shift as will prices rise greatly after 2030. To lock in long terms contract of supply  in the next few years, will ensure end buyers a firm price basis into an uncertain future. New procedures are  in short form is prescribed. Supply is secure. Offer signed. Contract is signed immediately  there after . A FTNX  In-house revocable  DLC format is served 3 days after the contract is returned as signed. All parties are legally bound. As per the contract, certain events must take place before the supplier is able to present their DLC  to their bank for collection, which a becomes irrevocable at such a time. Any attempt  to collect on the DLC prior to such event being cleared, triggers automatic revocation of the IH DLC. The contract of supply is cancelled if  supplier breaks any of its conditions  with the end buyer.The supplier does not have the same option as the PCT is the one bearing a precarious trading basis. ( A larger more powerful entity , taking advantage of a weaker entity.) Contract model and IH DLC model will be found in the FTNX library March 2022.When the primary trading option re: as per  ITSI/FTNX doctrine, fails to secure supply, this second option can now be effectively offered, by those who have attained good trading procedures or practises. 


23 FEB 2022 

Current delays at port of unloading especially in parts Europe and Asia are averaging at  28 days. The PCT should assist the end buyer with matters of demurrage expense   by offering to cover 50% of such expenses. A  large ship held at demurrage could attract up to US$ 4000 per day in expenses. Once a deal is done, the PCT  rebates 50% of demurrage expense  weekly  as advised by the end buyer at such a time, which is made a part of their own operational  expense. 


23 FEB 2022 

Crude oil prices will rise and rise; there is no going back to the ‘ good old days‘ until there is too much stock and not enough users. This means inflation  tied to goods transported by “crude oil” will also keep on climbing upwards.  This  effect won’t happen for another 14 years or more, regardless what’ rhetoric is offered  about climate change. “There is plenty of business  to be had  with crude oil and fuels.”  We we need to deal in future  fixed prices and fix contracts accordingly .PCT should not  be looking for discount unless  a 3 year revolving  contract or longer is evident. The PCT has to also formulate premiums  instead of discounts. The price oil crude oil will  exceed US$ 160.00 per BBL before years end.


24 FEB 2022 

Some countries are entitled to 40% up to 70% rebate once the transit fees are first paid. IN general however  ( contract dictates this aspect) a 100,000 MT  VLCC crossing fee will need to apply an added US$4.60 per MT (2022)  to the price of goods to cover such a transit. From initial Pilot at around $600.00 with a whole lot of other charges to follow (Tug, Ministry  fee , Port authority fees, etc,etc.) before the actual crossing fee of around US$ 3.52  per MT is applied. The fee is payable by the end buyer, to the supplier as a debit, (ie. FOB, CIF, etc.,etc but not at DAP)  after presenting the invoice carrying Suez canal crossing fees is the proper application. If a rebate is apparent, the supplier  receives the rebate as a credit  which is recorded  on the sellers  Invoice,  and is discounted against the gross payable to arrive at the net payment once all other debits and credits have been applied. 


27 FEB 2022

Idiotic  traders are  trying to  crawl back into the market place with unworkable nonsensical processes. FTNX however cuts them down quickly.  As an example  of T/T payment application;  Lets enact  as much to show why a seller or supplier cannot  entertain such stupid procedures even  at EXW by people who ought  to know better. We cannot enter into  ‘on the SPOT’  (EXW or Gate prices)  deliveries which do attract T/T payment.  So already no T/T payment is allowed.  Private traders are not end  end users, and must trade on the future platform - that is on a future delivery date  of 3 months or less but above 30 days. This is how long such Crude oil/fuel  contracts take to close. End buyer is in Spain wanting  to trial  20,000 MT shipment of i.e Cement. He will pay by T/T. The Supplier ( in possession of goods)  or seller ( like FTNX) needs to secure the required  documents prior, at huge expense. The seller then also needs  make an Bill of Exchange (BOE) to cover such huge  delivery expenses while holding   am active  SLC applying  specific conditions, supporting the contract.. If the end buyer does not take delivery and decides not to pay by T/T at the last minute, the seller is able to recoup such expenses  and time wasted via  the SLC. So T/T payment have to be guaranteed with the support of payment by T/T or SWIFT or a combination of both. When T/T payment is made the SLC is revoked.  This is the only way to accept a payment  for commodities via T/T when a DLC is not offered. No new supplier in the world who  has a half a brain will accept anything less from a new client  located is another far away country. But even here there is a problem. Some suppliers ask for a 30%  deposit before commencing  the order under T/T payment. The deposit is paid and unlike prior, suddenly  all these problems and excuses  occur, holding the buyer to perform “beyond the scope of the signed contract’  or  the buyer will face losing the deposit. The supplier could insist on a higher price  and even change matters of a signed contract under the threat of buyer  losing the deposit, on the first occasion, that the end buyer indicates that  it will not entertain such demands. By cancelling the contract  the end buyer legally is at fault , the seller/supplier keeps the deposit, for doing nothing . No Deposits  and no T/T payment means  that a  safe trading aspect is in place. A UCP endorsed  DLC dictates who does what and is supervised by the bank issuing the credit. If this is the situation FOR A SUPPLIER, then  it applies much  more so  applies when a PCT/Seller is apparent. A trial shipment is also a way for a buyer to circumvent the seller  to buy a larger  quantities  from the newly discovered /exposed  supplier. T/T payment can also create the situation where the supplier  fraudulently  pockets  the money for himself, and not  for his company. I have seen such events over a long period of time. Our procedures must apply, because they are the safest  legally defined procedures  available to supplier and end buyer  today. At the very least  any credit worthy end buyer wanting to buy much wanted products  is able to open a pre-advised DLC. When other excuses  are apparent the deal is trashed. We know of traders in Houston America, Sth America and the EU  who have  a 2 cent company established, to give the impression they are a large supplier of crude oil.These crooks do nothing  all days  looking for fools  who have money.Every now an then they score a deposit with no deal eventuating. There is also a large number of traders also doing as much by offering financial instruments such as MTN’s, where  professional people a have been duped in paying upfront Hundreds of thousands of dollars  in ‘fees’ never to see the deal eventuate. if you cannot get an offer from a supplier, or if the supplier is not disclosed, no deal  is possible. Trading on offers from ill informed intermediaries is where all these scams originate from.  


28 FEB 2022

A supplier is the entity  in possession of export ready goods. An intermediate trader  such as FTNX (PCT) is a highly informed  buyer  of secured goods, as secured form the the supplier. A PCT is also an ITS ( and International Trade Specialist). It could take years before a supplier offers a  seasoned trader and PCT  the implicit ’right to buy goods’ on offer in a legally defined manner. Once a supplier serves FTNX an offer, and  its ‘acceptable,’ the PCT may now acts as the seller of such goods, for selling  to a sourced end buyer paying and for taking possession of export ready goods. The Informed ITS must be able to buy goods and sell goods legally, safely and correctly. The banks used on the transaction supervise the deal  as it relates  to payment. Such banks may also use intermediate banks (corresponding banks)  for this purpose ; following the SWIFT process. Even if there were no international rules of trade, our procedures  would still be applied, as such procedures are loaded with security features  which protect  the seller/buyer, supplier and later eventually  end buyers. The effect of snaring a  supply contract means the supplier  will be paid, the end buyer will get goods ‘as ordered’ in good conditions and the PCT will make a profit on the buy and sell transaction. This now means that the PCT cannot disclose who the end buyer is to its supplier, nor who the supplier  is, to the end buyer.  This undisclosed information is what makes the WHOLE PROSPECT OF CLOSING A LUCRATIVE DEAL POSSIBLE. This information  is  valuable  to a end buyer looking to immediately buy a product on offer, which may take many months to secure otherwise.The PCT has worked hard to secure  a supplier and therefore such a PCT cannot a consider offers from ill informed intermediaries, agents  and brokers.It can only offer goods it has or is about to purchase from a supplier in possession of goods being offered. We bear consequences  of our obligations to the  supplier. The end buyer  is only transacting with FTNX (PCT). we give a guarantee to our supplier and as such expect to recoup such  form the end buyers. the final sell price is often way below what an end buyer could secure, by dealing  with a supplier directly. In this light, we do not provides details of our supplier, until financial instruments are secured. We don’t disclose our supplier because we have done  the work to secure as much. A end buyer will have not compunction to go directly  to the supplier  and close on a deal  on the work we have done, if we disclose the supplier early. Because we only trade using UCP 600 endorsed documentary letter of credit  and only use ICC  Incoterms delivery modes, the deal we engage  in with a supplier  or   end buyer is highly protected from fraud. Everyone involved in a trade deal  performs or nobody get anything, not loses money, is the only final possible  outcome-there is nothing in-between.The banks involved supervise the closing financial side of the deal only, which means a whole lot of document have to be produced before a deal heads for closing and payments are able to be collected.   There is no other wise to close such deal legally and safely . if it take  3 months  to close a deal to first delivery, then nobody  gets paid until first delivery  has  ‘cleanly’ cleared.  because  of the length of time it takes to close on a deal, it would take only days or weeks  to find out if the PCT is acting correctly legally  or fraudulently. A bank will stop all business if fraud  is detected in where the irrevocable status on any credit can be made revocable. Accordingly such deal cannot be enacted upon unless  the PCT is also a highly informed  ITS. Over 90% of intermediaries and associated traders  are not informed and have no idea what they are doing A end buyer can buy goods  from FTNX or they can secure  their own products- they cannot have it both way as the nature of business is unforgiving and literally unworkable   for ill informed traders.This is a business.FTNX treats all such  considerations accordingly.   



If this war ends bad, so will all business as we know it- will cease. But! if within coming days/weeks/months  Ukraine  is saved, Reo Bars, Steel beams, Copper/ steel pipes , Aluminium ingots  and plenty of EU 42.5 Grade Cement will be needed, just for starters.FTNX has just completed securing contract of supply for such product. We recommend USCT agents to do the same; as the price of these goods will skyrocket if Ukraine survives this war.  This is the time when  USCT members  should be sourcing and securing  contracts of the  supply , which soon could become  highly wanted products. It’s no good trying to secure such products , weeks later, as many  competitors  will be in the same market place, at such a time. 



2  VLCC cargo ships of Russian crude  is to be delivered to  Huston USA in March 2022 ( on route) , for local consumption ( not for reselling), as secured by private traders.  I hope the USA Government  intervenes and confiscates the goods and ships when they arrive (USA compensate the trader, but not pay Russia). I would  expect no less. Germany has cut Russian Gas, France  has seized a Russian cargo ship. It’s now showtime for America. USA  cannot be paying for Russian Crude oil, while at the same time creating economic hardship via other means. Stop all Russian ocean going ships, until Russia (Putin)  retreats from Ukraine.ONE, Hapag-Lloyd, CMA CGM, and MSC have already suspended some bookings in the region. The suspensions have raised concerns about supply chain disruption due to an escalating Russia-Ukraine conflict.


9 MAR 2022

TYPICAL REPLY  to the many traders waiting for COSI to be released.

Thank you  for your enquiry re: COSI.The book is ready alas, Putin has created  changes to the world trading  and banking system. I had to add  more important matters  to the base doctrine. To make the study as simple as possible, has become complicated.The release of COSI  is delayed until Putin is removed and Ukraine is stabilised.While this war rages, business in crude oil  for intermediaries to trade in is literally zero. First we had the Coronavirus now  there is  war in  Ukraine with a mentally sick Putin. To release 7 years of work now is a mistake. Watch www.ftnx.net  When it's released I will declare it  on such a site ( Maybe June) Thank you .

Note: There is currently no  effective Crude oil /fuel business for professional intermediaries  since mid January 2022 as prices skyrocket and supply  becomes  scarce- then came the Ukraine invasion and Russian embargo.The USA and the rest of the world will now need to top up the missing  10% crude  oil supplied by Russia to the USA domestic market  alone. With climate change rhetoric alone, we had already predicted  the rise  of Crude oil prices with the FTNX  declaring US$ 100 dollar per barrel price basis  weeks before anyone else.  We also predicted in 2013  as written on this website that a ‘war’ in 2021, would defeat matters of climate change and  crude oil usage.  FTNX is offering a semi fixed price of  US$ 154.00 per BBL future supply for large contract of supply. The highest quantities we are able to secure  in 2022 is 280,000 MBBL, which is a quantity that nobody is interested  to buy. We cannot get a contract of supply  for 3 years or more. End buyers are many, alas  worthy quantities of supply is not. PCT’s should concentrate on securing other commodities  other than Crude oil or fuels for the next 6 months or more, as the market place we have been testing intently, is full of scam deals and false supply. Even if Putin did not invade Ukraine, the price of crude oil  was heading only one way - Up. We have been in constant contact with Russian traders  who are fully aware of what Putin has done but cannot fully articulate as much, their thoughts via email, for fear of retribution. The price of sweet  crude oil will reach US$ 200 per BBL  within weeks - or months, as this is the price  FTNX will offer, for stored crude oil, if the situation  does not change by the 15 March 2022.


12 MAR 2020

There is plenty of business for single shipments of  ULSD & LS  D2 at 80,0000 - 120,000 MT  that the  PCT should be sourcing  that could be readily  sold to smaller countries in Africa and other  southern ports,  while we await for crude oil market place to settle, once PUTIN is ousted or is ‘ suddenly’  made  to disappear. As for the media and spot prices? Such speculative prices are  not worth deep considerations  and are subject the sensational claims being made by the media  and journalists who do nothing all day but look for stories to create from fresh air . For instance today the term  “nuclear or biological warfare“ is being touted only by the media who don’t have nothing to write about and simply create news at will. I woke up this morning  and turned on the News channel, struggling to find up to date information  the war in Ukraine. I looked on my iphone headlines only to find more BS stories where I need to subscribe and pay a monthly fee to read.To read what ? More creative BS. Being an “armchair general’ “ ( like many of us are)  we can only assess information which is genuinely being served as being relevant, current and up to date. Trade has been disrupted because of the Coronavirus ; which may be effecting Russian soldier  abilities to perform. Trade has also been affected with this war.  The Ukrainian army  has to strike a city in Russia where the Russian  army has amassed,  with  a small number of bombs , to show the  Russian people  what Putin has created and forcing the Russian  army to defend its own country. Such a small attack would hit the Russian government hard. This one act may end Putin and may knock some senses into  the many ‘fat bellied generals’  that  a ‘big mistake’ has been made. For now, subject  to the idea no nuclear war will eventuate, (with old unreliable poorly maintained bombs that may even explode on launching)  business and trade  will increase as will prices. Forget about the speculative market place, get a firm  fixed price  for a wanted product, and sell such goods accordingly at a fixed price per single VLBC shipments. For revolving shipments , make the contract revolving monthly at increments of 4 months (4x4x4). The need for observing FTNX trade rules and application  of such  is now more imperative than ever. One effective aspect that has come from this war  for all to see, is that the Russian army is and has always been an inferior force. If NATO was involved, the Russian army  wouldn’t stand a chance add USA to the fray, could create an new democratic regime. One  further mistake where a rogue Russian unit intentionally  bombs Poland in an effort to stop this war would be enough to stop this war.


14  MAR 2022

The Government of China is assisting Putin;  is becoming more obvious. Why? Because China is always looking for opportunities. The history of China’s success is built  upon the crushed bones of its citizens; not dissimilar to the way Russia  controls its citizens  in every aspect of life. The personal wealth of leaders in  both countries  relied for decades on the prosperous nature of  western democracies; and now ‘ with bellies full’ these two countries are looking to call the shots for the rest of the world. “The Morlocks want  eat their Eloi cousins.” Anyone doing business in China, be advised- Chinese buyers must pay  for goods using a Confirmed credit, as confirmed from another top ranked corresponding bank  located in  a country practising western principles of Democracy. The DLC must be established serving  a deferred payment, meaning  that once delivery  takes place at CFR or, CIP, CIF, the Chinese  based sellers can collect on the credit i.e 45 days later. This position must remain in place until China shows  the world fully, its true intent. The time for bluffing is over. China has been feeding the west with inferior rubbish for decades, it’s time for China to be appreciative of this fact.  It had  grasped the USA dollar  with both hands and now it thinks  the Rouble  has more value. For China or anyone else, to ever trust Russia again, will not happen for decades. Such leaders have become wealthy  from opportunities created in the west and by grinding the bones of their citizens to the ground. This is how China and Russia  run their countries.  Nato and USA must be prepared to counter  a nuclear event - now, because to live in a world where Russia and or China rules supreme  without the support of the rule of law- is the  worse aspect  of two evils.The one fact above all else  is that in a nuclear confrontation, everyone loses regardless who eventually ‘wins’ the battle.  Nato will  not press the nuclear button first, but they will so  the moment Russia does; in this light  NATO must invade Ukraine, wipe up Putin’s  ‘dads army’ in a few days, all the way back to the steps of the Kremlin with the USA watching on the side lines. USA does not want to reveal its ‘secret weapon’  taking decades to complete; not to the Russia or the China–unless it must.  This will allow China to ‘take a breath’ and reassess where it loyalties are and if it wants to prosper  with USA by its side or grovel with a the likes of Putin and a dishonourable Kremlin.  Does Xi  want to continue to conduct business and prosper with the west or does it want to go into bed with Putin and catch fleas. It’s a simple question?  Take on Putin, and get rid of him  and his poverty stricken poorly applied  ‘dads’ army and threats  therein, once and for all. This is the time to do do. Even if Russia calls on peace talks, its a two face tactic declaring to all ‘don’t mess with us’ while it crawls in the undergrowth creating havoc. Every time Putin calls for peace talks it simply means he’s looking for time to  regroup his army. Whatever happens Putin is also a war criminal and must pay for what he has done.  China better take a good look at it new friend. It formally needs to take sides. Playing mind games is for kids. As for the security council.  Having Putin on board, taking advantage again of the wests ‘rule of law’ to suit its own agenda, does make  the council look like a very weak and spent force not worth the money its cost to maintain such. Expel  Putin, even it it means doing so as per  the ‘Russian way of doing things’ and then invade Ukraine or their behalf,  with an overwhelming force that  Putin could not envisage. If he goes for the nuclear option, then Nato will do the same. Putin knows exactly how the west will react if he pushes one nuclear button - therefore he won’t push any such button and  just like all bullies ; a slap in the face is usually enough to get such bullies packing. 


15 MAR 2022

FTNX has had a number of  Russian refineries contact us offering supply of refined  fuel.The type of refineries we have been trying to do business with for decades- contacted FTNX. So Russian suppliers knows very well of our existence. They approach us in desperation. My response was similar to the one made by the Ukrainian solder who survived  on snake island  after being blasted by a Russian destroyer. No business with Russia is possible until  Russia  gets a new leader. Putin Must Go (PMG).  How simple is that for everyone including China to comprehend ( who must be laughing at Putin’s army). As for sending Russia to the international court for downing MH17 over Ukraine. What a joke. As if the Kremlin gives a shit ‘ that it must be held accountable.’ Then we have Elon musk challenging Putin to a fight in where he’ll only use his left hand ; mocking Putin  of  his martial arts skills and his training at Spetsnaz special forces training school ( where I am told he was caught in a sexual compromising position with another male  trainee). I personally, would use a different body part often called the “third leg” as a baton, to beat and humiliate Putin into submission - after all,  lets not forget Putin is a ‘small stumpy male species closely related to the baboon.’ ( I don’t like using the term ‘man’ when talking about Putin) “Wanna fight, forget about martial arts,  lets try a real fighting style made for real men; such as boxing.”  But Putin wont fight because  he is a bully and liar  with a big mouth, even in the face of  directing a embarrassing  third world  military regime. “ he is conducting war form a home base position and has already lost the battle.  Big mouth bullies like Putin will  ALWAYS  threaten first, then run away when  a superior force is present, preferring to sneak up like a rat, when striking his opponent, such as pregnant mothers, children and the elderly. Putin is a war criminal. Any Russian soldier who upon the direction of their principal  intentionally  kills civilians are also criminals - by law, and must bear and share the consequences of their actions.  Ukraine must hold stead, and ‘steer the ship away from the surf and spray’ until  Putins makes a  critical mistake is made, one that forces him to capitulate ( Naturally he’ll call it “peace talks.”)  He has done too much damage for Ukraine to now accept peace talks. Forget about peace; that road has been crossed.  SWISS bank needs to freeze a bank accounts of Putin and his parliamentary members, worth over 300 billions dollars, stolen from the people of Russia . Ukraine soldiers  will be served sophisticated weapons  by the west; as such If Nato will not go to Putin, let the Ukrainian soldiers beat Putin outright.This one act would infuriate and humiliate Putin so much and destroy his vision of a reunited  impoverished  USSR ( restore to the former glory of what?). He wants to sit on the top seat of an empire built upon fear, death and tragedy.


21 MAR 2022

“By the claims made by Nato and USA in fact Putin could take over the whole world including China by simply declaring that it would use nuclear bombs if anyone interferes.This is flawed logic being applied.” The cretin Putin fears death intently. He sits at the end of a  long fortified table, has ‘pretty Russian gals’ around him, he wears a double bullet proof vest and he has security everywhere he goes . Putin rarely ventures outside. The last thing Putin would ever  do is  fire nuclear missiles that land in ( implied )  Russian territory.  As an arm chair general, I would have all bordering countries transmit on the Russian T.V  ( and radio) channels  what Putin has been up to, even  for a few hours - to the Russian people.  Head of Nato  would announce during the transmission  that if the war does not end in 24 hours, Russia will be  facing  battle with Nato in both Ukraine and Russia.  I would  transmit pictures of horror, and make excuses ( treat liars with the truth)  to enter Ukraine by citing  “Putin is using chemical  weapons” or “ Putin is killing children” ought to do it. This would stir the Russian people as well, not against just Putin, but against those politicians  in the Kremlin who are not mad, and who need to be named and  shamed. I would then get Nato to enter Ukraine swiftly, and fire on Russian troops with missiles  on the Russian side of the border with Ukraine, and work the war backwards towards Kyiv while the Nato ground forces  moves in form their respective country.  Nato must be ready for such an invasion now.  What would  Putin do ? Nothing ! As sanctions bite, against a weakened and stressed Russian army,  to have Nato take the initiative  is a  very strong move.  What  Putin  will not  do is irradiate his own country with nuclear fallout.  “Putin may be mad, but he is not a stupid peasant” As such Nato can take Putin’s army easily while the USA observes on the side line. To keep your enemies close, now makes sense. No stalemate allowed - we are talking about checkmate.  This war has  created new business opportunities while  damaging standing business to do with the  commodity trade.  “ We have had many inquiries for goods we cannot secure.” We cannot rely on long revolving shipments  hence getting supply to fill  orders for large single shipments  is now a worthy aspect, as large profits due to escalating prices  can be assured. It’s a fully blown buyers market. The PCT must focus of securing  large single shipments. Forget about Crude oil deals, they are too complex for most PCT’s to handle at this time,  due to unstable pricing mechanisms. Grains, metals and fertilisers now lead the way. Confirmed DLC must apply . Strict procedure must prevail.  


23 MAR 2022

The Chinese Government  has stated that it “ supports peace.” Albeit the definition of ‘peace’  as prescribed under Chinese rule. Japan on the other hand , made it very clear that it does not support Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. There is no BS with Japan.  As for India, it’s ‘tippy toeing’ around the subject matter, while the lure of discounted  Russian crude  oil is on offer. In 2021 FTNX has had  222 Chinese based suppliers being served under our recommendations to its agents.  As from February 2021, FTNX has not serviced a singled trade inquiry from China, relegating such inquiries to the ‘wait and see’ folder. FTNX will wait ‘and and see’  on which side of the fence China prefers. It will ‘wait and see’ from which plate it wishes to eat from. China must declare its intent  to the world ‘which side of history’ they prefer as it relates to the invasion and murder of civilians in Ukraine and  if it thinks that invading the sovereignty of another country is acceptable-without the BS. As for Australia “we could not even defend ourselves from an attack of  killer sparrows ” let alone a foreign power. Australia  must introduce inexpensive  ‘ supervised gun  firing and training centres’ in where as already observed in Ukraine, trained citizens  have proven to be effective deterrent to a superior force.  Australian citizens and patriots  MUST have the ability  to defend its country at a moments notice should a foreign power starts to ‘lick its lips’ at Australia.   We need to import military equipment , guns, land based missiles and  tanks from USA  as a matter of urgency NOW that can be used immediately when a threat is evident. Our huge  hostile land mass dictates that submarines and aircraft taking decades to delivery are useless to us today, and are outdated by the time they are delivered.  Australian  government needs to wake up to the idea that the rule of law serves no purposes when a belligerent country decides that it’s above such laws. 


23 MAR 2022

The SWIFT financial system  is what PCT’s use serving support to payments being made, or being  paid via the use of  documentary credits (DLC’s) when the DLC is endorsed as UCP 600 ruling financial instrument.This is an important  aspect, because there are also ‘DLC’ which are supported  by the issuing bank  ( or institution) as per their own rules and  policy. Let me make it simple and clear  to understand. The PCT cannot trade with countries currently banned them from the SWIFT Network, Also note; smaller banks that are not banned, from the SWIFT system, but a who are unable to qualify in  joining the network, may still trade on the features offered under a UCP 600 Ruling DLC  in conjunction with the relevant Incoterms  used. Here the smaller bank will  often have an intermediary bank  to call upon (called the corresponding bank) who is hooked up to the SWIFT system.  The intermediary bank, sights all the documents on behalf of the  smaller bank and  may even honour the credit on behalf of the smaller bank . Naturally the use of a corresponding bank, means more fees including the transfer fee; which must be paid first before any document will be examined.  large ships attract large transfer fees  often measured in thousands  of dollars., on a large value  (FCL, VLBC,VLCC etc.) shipment. Insurance cover is also a complimenting issue especially with vessels operating in the black sea where war coverage on a 50,000 MT crude carrier  attracting an added insurance  ‘war’ premium of up to US$ 6.00 per MT, has been reported.  It’s going to be busy for commodity traders in the future and the rules must still apply, because the remaining 99% of countries in the world are still  trading  and have become  dependant more so than any time in history on the integrity of the SWIFT Network. The PCT must not conduct business with Sanctioned countries and must make sure documents  being presented at sight  are correctly prescribed. As for the China factor; trade continues with China, except payments for imports must be paid by a confirmed credit  until China makes it position clear in regards to Russian Government  atrocities.  President Xi Jinping is not Putin! China more than anyone else knows the important role it plays in world trade and stability of the financial network.   When this idiotically inspired  and embarrassing  Russian  war is over,  a lot of real end buyers will enter the market place, along with an equal number of fraudulent deals and scam artists. Their are ‘big  dollars’ to be made in the near future, it’s not easy to do so - but its simple to apply, once you understand the basics about complex international  business dealings. PCT must apply due diligence intently and must not be tempted  with false dealings and promises. While Putin hides  his family in a nuclear underground city in Altai Republic, lets hope those ‘old grey men’ within the Kremlin ( The “Spiviot’s” are mostly Politicians / Generals who weld the real  power to get rid of Putin, and who are not afraid to do  so- One politician even owns a Bank) who have Putin in their hand - squash the pest soon. Business will follow quickly their after. As for Putin being present at the planned G 20 meeting that is being promoted by the media, to be held in Indonesia later this year- Is this a joke? He won’t be there - He will not leave the fortress he has created  for himself and his family. ( For whatever reason; if he’s still alive at such a time)  


Short version BETA: COSI:  1 APRIL 2022

This article should clear up current  nonsense and offers for crude oil  circulating today.  Our website FTNX has tested many crude oil /fuel deals over  the years. In recent turbulent times ( Covid /War)  FTNX  has offered generous premiums as well Even then the issue of supply remains problematic. A ship afloat  full of crude oil, may have been sold many times before it reaches the final end buyer.  We are unable to trade on  such a ‘back to back ‘ platform. 30 years ago  intermediaries  and traders  were trading heavily on  many fake Venezuelan Crude oil as well as Bonny light Crude and Iraqi Crude oil offers. The  occasional supply of CO  were also drifting around as offered by a Saudi Prince. Many fake deals existed back then as they do today , except the ‘usual’ source  of  suspect supply in the last 15 years has been overtaken by the supply of  real and fake Russian crude oil (RCO).  Buyer (A) secure a supply of  Russian blended crude oil ( RBCO)  at lets say US$ 30 dollar per MT Under spot market value . (A) sells  to (B),  where (B) sells it to (C) and so on and so forth until the final end buyer takes possession. Everyone in the string made money of the buy /resell ( flipping of a contract)  application.These traders are financially strong, but weak in knowledge, unlike a PCT who are strong on strict procedures and rules.Various  methods of payment were also exercised along the string again the kind of methods that a professional intermediary cannot apply. We cannot apply  such ‘back to back transactions, even though  such transaction are very apparent, because we need to use the added security features attached  with the use of a UCP endorsed DLC. Some of these features explicitly  states under UCP rules that transshipment cannot be used, a shipowners BOL must be secured and  no back to back transaction allowed as the DLC cannot be used as security  on a back to back deal.  ITSI and SADI  explained such matters intently. A supplier gets paid when goods are delivered. Freight is earned by the carrier when ‘delivery’ has been concluded. the entity known as  ‘World-scale’ (flat rates) , dictates freight rates  applying  to  carriers, if  such WS rates are used on the contract. If not used  price of carriage  as agreed upon applies. World-scale rates are published by the ” New Worldwide Tanker Nominal Freight Scale”, published by the World-scale Association Limited ( based in London) and the World-scale Association (USA), which is managed  by a group  of leading tanker brokers in London and New York City.These disclosed brokers acting for a disclosed trading house or stockbrokers ‘are not in the same boat’ as professional intermediaries (PCT).WS uses averages to arrive at the freight rate charges  for carrying such Crude oil based on a  (about) 24,000 Kilometres  round trip.  WS conditions if used  once applied to the contract  also  dictates  that the goods must be discharged POL within 24 hours  of berthing  and the vessel must be able to sustain a pumping rate at its manifold of 188 PSI or better.If a carrier is unable to discharge its load within 24 hours it is required to surrender its berth to the next ship, in where it waits at demurrage until space is available to discharge the remaining  crude/fuel. For short  coastal  trips   local currency is used, but on long trips payment in US dollars are strictly applied. Freight is often payable under charter party contract  in part, in advance upon loading, or  via the presentation of the BOL ( and other documents )  often based on the value / amount on the ‘in-taken’ ( rarely on out-turn)  weight of crude oil or fuel.Freight is actually payable “ as earned “ when the goods are discharged at destination port once the carrier has ‘earned ‘ it. Freight marked ‘pre paid’ apply  more so for dry goods  than CO deals- but  may also be sought  where cargo or crude  is shipped under a UCP endorsed  bill of lading, as the end  buyers of crude  paying  by a DLC will  require a “freight paid” bill of lading. In days gone past , Crude oil suppliers had far higher bargaining power to make demands  in not accepting to ‘pre paid’ freight rates. Todays it’s the  same,  because supply is difficult to secure.  In fact the supplier does not actually pay for freight. The  CO supplier secures freight and if required , may need to pre-pay such freight   when chartering  a ship  in where the pre paid aspect ware often sought mostly from suppliers of dry goods. Today however , with sanctions and  and restriction ‘all over the place,  the PCT must  insist on using only a DLC  for payment of crude oil and has the option to pre pay freight  ( full in part) to satisfy  the terms of the DLC in where  the option for freight collect is also allowed to be exercised by the  PCT in where CIF delivery term is replaced with the FOB &Freight ( FOB&F) aspect with is defined as a ’incoterms’ variable delivery mode. Carriers don’t apply incoterms as we (PCT) do and have their or own (many) rules  administered by ‘associations’  to abide by. We are not Wall Street brokers shuffling paper deals all day. We trade in real commodities. We don’t  trade in product offered via string deals  but are able to deal with a string where stepping back procedure are applied. We buy  crude oil /fuel from a supplier and sell to an end buyer,  end user or another ‘buyer’ (only allowed by experienced PCT)  who is able to satisfy payment terms  required by the PCT. if a buyer is apparent, the BOL is “ not  marked as endorsed to the buyer” is the main difference otherwise all other matters of strict  safe trades must always apply. We are not brokers we are buyers and sellers of the products we personally  secure. If  the PCT secures crude oil it must be offered with a fixed discount otherwise  by-pass  attempting to secure CO  to favour securing refined products  as refined products  have a very different basis in where cost of labour  allows for refined product to be sold to the pCT ( for large quantities)  at discount,  and therefore allowing the PCT to resell at a profit, while still offering a reduced discount. Forget about Russian crude oil; the problems that the PCT will encounter  are simply too great to consider such crude oil. These issues  and others  ensure that  the PCT cannot trade in  ‘back to back’ transactions. We cannot deal in TT cash payments. If CO is secured, the DLC allows for partial payment  therefore  if a supplier needs to book a vessel, the PCT is able to offer a deposit to cover pre paid freight, which is earned and collected once supporting documents are produced. The supplier then  declares  the value of the partial payment  on its  invoice as a credit  to favour the PCT when CIF is apparent The PCT  does the same to the end buyer. If the very experienced trader ( PCT) is going to charter the vessel (allowed once  trading aspect in COSI  has been studied and practised )  bank details will need to be served  to show RWA ( once the DLC is in the  account of the PCT) No advance payment is made on FOB&F which is the commonest aspect.  If a PCT does not have good  trading  experience as per ITSI/SADI, accepting ONLY FOB for crude oil and fuels is still the preferred  less risker aspect.  We are not ‘stock’ brokers. 



1 APRIL 2022


RUSSIA AND CHINA should  formally announce their alliance. They can form a union and  conduct business amongst themselves along with  any anyone else who thinks the Russian / Chinese  way of living is worth fighting for.  China has gravely  offended the world with its co-operation with Russia, and China knows it . No matter what   happens, China has lost respect forever, and will be treated as a dishonourable and belligerent  country. Just like Russia ,China  makes ‘rubbish’ and all its leaders are billionaires (they are crooks).  It sells such  rubbish to the rest of the  world. It has feed from the westerns plate for too long.  As for Taiwan, as if China could readily take Taiwan back. Any attack on Taiwan would be met with fierce resistance and would create both human and financial loses for China. They also have  a formidable  force  on their door step, who do not make rubbish-Japan.  This is what Putin an Xi do not comprehend. They don’t understand that the sovereignty of a small  state is as powerful if not more powerful than the sovereignty of a nation. Xi and Putin  like to control the ‘whole country’ and gives no consideration to any ‘state’  within a country or region. It is in their nature to think this way , because they don’t trust the people they are meant to  represent. Russia does  not even have a titles system  as it pertains to property. Taiwan is a sovereign state, regardless if it was once a part of China. an attach on Taiwan is not the same as an attack on Ukraine; it’s much worse. FTNX will not personally conduct  business with China directly but will do business with Taiwan. If China cannot live with the rest of us, if it cannot see that which is right  from wrong, if it cannot see the light of logic and rationale,  it should  simply ‘piss off’ and share its dinner table with those who China sees as worthy of defending. China is aggressive , they are not masters of war, that title goes  to the most experienced regimes like the USA, Japan, and Germany. As for the malcontent Putin. enough is enough,  the rest of us cannot  live in a world full of darkness.  Forget about BS politics, Putin is a jealous bastard who simply cannot  stand the free lifestyle  and standards  that a country like Ukraine had attained and was enjoying right on their border; to influence those on the Russian side. I suggest Australia  stop exporting iron ore to China and stop Chinese nationals from entering this country,  and I also suggest all westerns alliance  to curb buying goods  from China, and start looking after themselves;  until China  comes to  the correct mind set, to  make a statement that  is not  supporting Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. USA, Alaska, Mexico and Canada  should also create a ’special military’  alliance  to show China and Russia that the combined land area of the USA alliance  is much bigger than  Russia and China combined; (more bombs needed) to also show that a country with 1.40 billion people, like China;  could vanish from the  world census if China  attacks Taiwan and continues  with its BS stand with Russia. China has much more to lose if this war in Ukraine escalates. As if China wants to be  supportive  of a cretin like  Putin.  China want access to cheap oil,  that is why it  is acting the way it is. So much for climate change?  In fact,  If China continues to service support of this ‘dumb’ war, orchestrated by a dumb Putin, history will show that  China  just like Putin  had miscalculated their standing with Russia.  China may one day be eyeing off Russia  resources; after all, Putin has showed the world on just how useless his military forces are.  A big kick in the arse for China is needed and Russia should be  shown the  might of  the USA war machine of which a glimpse has been served  in assisting Ukraine . USA will not fire a nuclear  weapon  FIRST, then it stands to reason; China with so much to lose won’t either. Nuclear bombs going off  in China  would create more damage and kill much  more  people  than an attack on USA. The numbers don’t lie. With USA having over 4000 nuclear weapons ( Russia has 6000 poorly maintained  bombs nearing it expiry date) , each able to deliver 100 Kilotons thermo warheads ( or more) irradiating and instantly  destroying everything  within a 1.2 kilometre radius, means ten bombs landing in ten major cities in China could kill up to 400 million people . Ten bombs only! Xi needs to pull its head in and forget about acting tough  to allow  diplomacy and common sense to prevail. This leaves the small man Putin, with a economically poor country, with a smaller population  and a lot less to lose, to consider  using such weapons–dragging China into a  war it does not  want; it does not want because China unlike Russia has improved his economy at the expense of people delivered  with  great efforts; it does not readily want to destroy. China does not want to attach itself  with Russia, but if it is able to agitate the USA, in doing so, it will, at every opportunity available. China is what we call  a ‘shit stirrer.’  Putin is what we call a liability. We need to get rid of the liability, not the shit stirrer,  before  a peaceful world can once more be entertained. War costs money to initiate as does peace to maintain. PutIn has lost the war, now he is destroying buildings in Ukraine and killing people at random, because building cant fight back.  He is threatening to stop gas supplies  to Europe, if they don’t pay with Roubles is the latest pop fart. What is the USA and NATO waiting for-All those opinions, political comments  and  BS media stories; too much talking, and not enough action is apparent, while the Russian bombs keep on coming.  “Are those not defending  the auspices of a thriving  Democracy from being destroyed, complicit in its destruction. Is not the person keeping watch for the burglar , just as guilty as the person doing the act ?”  The rule of law states that nobody is above the law. Putin ( or is it Cretin) and Xi don’t like such laws  and prefer instead  that people are not above the law, only leaders have that privilege.They call this the ‘new order.’ I call it a lost cause.        


19 April 2020

In Australia prices for imported consumer  goods “have gone through the roof.” Many other countries are also facing the similar  issue as  the cost of living ( and dying ) rise. Everyone is citing the fact that there is a shortage of workers and that  freight and carriage cos have increased 3 or 4 fold, which is true . What else is true is that many  retailer including supermarkets  do have products on the shelves while  ripping off consumers by using such excuses on why good have risen so sharply in the last 4 months. The maths imply as much. if a container is  loaded with 40,000 bottles of lets say wine, costing lets say 4.00 per bottle to buy (at FCA) and the usual $2500 carriage rate is now lets say 10,000 dollars or more.  Then if an  an extra 25 or 30 cent is added to cover increase in  freight cost; how does this added expense  confer  the idea that a wine costing $12.00  4 months ago, to buy at retail is now  $22.00 per bottle ‘because  freight costs have increased.’ As for delivery to and  from a producer in one state  to another  covering a distances of 600 miles, same aspect is apparent. 40,000 bottles of wine , even if an added 1.00 per bottle is applied to the delivery  such goods locally; that’s and extra 40,000 dollars . I don’t know of any truck  that would need an extra  40,000 dollars  of fuel to travel a distance of 600 Miles?  Everyone  is using the ‘cost of freight’ excuse , some make the claim  legitimately; many however are simply  taking advantage of consumer ignorance on the matter- even the media. PCT must assess the cost of goods  and genuinely serve quotation based on facts; and not on media reports that the cost of living has increased  ‘because carriage’ rates have dramatically increased.  Even VLBC carriage rates have increased  dramatically  because the cost of fuel have increased. If a VLBC carries 100,000 MT of product, just adding 1.00 to the carriage rate , will serve an added 100,000 dollars of fuel. Really?  Consumers are being ripped off. First came Covid and then the  war in Ukraine.  Now  such rises  is to do with with fuel costs and increase in carriage rates,  and nobody is challenging these claims. The  prices we now find on supermarket  shelves  were unheard of 4 or 5 months ago.The irony here  is the fact that my local supermarket sells produce  some of which came form farms - just down the road. 



1 April 2022

FTNX will now ONLY conduct business with also NATO countries (especially Poland)  and all  ‘states’  bearing a real and active  democratic system ( practiced)  where the rule of law reigns supreme. This aspect rules Russia out ,  even though Russia is a federal  ‘democratic’ government by name only  Only a fool would think Russia is actually a ‘real’ democracy. Communism/dictatorship regimes like China  are destroyers  of peace, always have been.  FTNX will not trade with China at our huge  loss on principle, from April 2022, until China  clarify their position about the war in Ukraine is formally declared in a positive light. We don’t deal with dishonourable countries.  I suggest other like minded countries do the same. FTNX will trade with Taiwan as FTNX recognises its independent  status and sovereignty.. China is now buying coking coal and cheap fuel from Russia.This is why China Xi is ‘friends’ with the little man Putin. China then sells cheap steel and other products to the west, of the back of human right abuses and very low wages .This is how China makes money .The west loses its manufacturing base becoming more and more dependent on inferior Chinese made products. China agrees with Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. China has no honour. China is what we call “ a scab.” in all things being equal the west should immediately agree not to buy steel and other metals from China until some kind of action becomes apparent , where China has shown its true face. It has clarified its intent albeit in ‘fading light.’ Adding to this, the piss ant economy and burden of the Solomon Island sells its soul for a a whiff of Chinese money.  What has the Solomons islands leader created?  They have just becomes a prime nuclear target. If war broke out between China and USA,  Solomon islands would be hit first.  I wonder what kickbacks were gained  in securing such a deal?  Like I have stated before China is an opportunist , unlike  the government in Australia  who  have a pessimistic  view about   “opportunity and big business.” Up to a decade ago , ‘tall poppy syndrome” was still evident  down under. 


22 April 2022

MasterCard and Visa  have suspended  operations in Russia due to USA imposed sanctions, accordingly Russia has crawled to its “ most important strategic partner” (MISP)  to assist. China’s  largest   payment processor, ‘UnionPay’ has refused to deal  with banks in Russia  cutting them  them off a alternative payment processing arrangement, leaving Russia’ biggest bank Sberbank without a global payment  processing partner.  Wow! it seems  China did not want to contaminate its financial system with Roubles. It seems that China knows “which side of the bread is buttered.” The meaning of   MISP  has become clearer. ‘ Give me all the cheap fuel you have , we’ll assist you  by purchasing  such cheap fuel.”  China does not  want Russia to get too close - just close enough so that the crude oil can flow unabated, and thats it. UnionPay stated that it cannot offer such services to Russia  because they fear western sanctions.  It seems that Chinese bank are allowed to make their own decisions- or put it another way, President Xi has not forced UnionPay to offer such a service to its ‘MISP.’ China will not allow its  country or culture  to become infested with a parasite , murderer, thief and liar like Putin. I would even be prepared to state that China is closer to the West (USA), than it is with Russia. Why ? Even enemies can learn to respect each others presence- peacefully. “ I don’t have to like you,  but I don’t have to hate you either.” China has show its true face,  when it comes to going into bed with Putin which means that China is prepared to  ‘act the tough guy’ - but only up to a point.


23 April 2022 ; Excerpt: The Theory of Perfect Design (TTOPD): D.G.Papa

You cant argue with the facts. In 1991, directly due to Mt Pinatubo volcano explosion a real ‘shift’ in climate on Earth did occur and yet ostensibly nobody knew any better; the type of climate shift that has not been repeated in the last 30 years.Mt Pinatubo explodes. It ejected 1 cubic mile of ash and material in the air ( in perspective: about  15 million MT- that’s around 150 VLCC carriers  full of crude oil) The blast also ejected millions of tons of Sulphur Dioxide, ash and gases as well. The effect was so great that the Earths temperature dropped by 1 degree over 14 months and oceans levels remained stable.  This one action tells us that even when millions of tons of emissions  from industry and the burning of  oil from the recent gulf war Earth was able to ‘repair’ itself. Lets go back to further to add  more to existing emissions at that period in time to  the volcanic eruption of Mt St Helens in 1980. The explosion caused 520 Million tons of ash to darken parts of the United States of America within 3 days. The emission circled the Earth within 15 days.  Mount St Helen released over 24 Megatons of thermal energy which is equal to around 1600 Hiroshima Size Nuclear Bombs (1600 HSNB Units). The particles produced by all these events (and the two nuclear bombs which ended WW II) are still circling the planet which brings me to further question the accuracy of those ‘pictures’ we have seen from space showing human instigated emissions.etc.etc. In a ten year period , Earth had sustained more emissions than what  humans had created in the last 50 years - and we are still standing.  What’s wrong with current climate change rhetoric? It does not make sense. Earth was able to ‘repair’ itself? Humans survived with no overall ill effect. So what happened to the emissions such  devastating eruptions caused?  It seems that  Earth can bear such emissions. Earth  has an inherited  sophisticated design feature to handle such emissions.  We also stated 7 years ago that the auspices of War  will soon be upon us . How much of a set back has the Ukrainian war  caused for countries trying to reduce carbon emissions? We’ve seen a great number of emissions from this one war. It seems  we have all returned to square one at a time when climate change  has become a critical global  threat - and we are still arguing. I think a new law should be passed called the “science law.” Anyone making claims about pending climate change without solid proof,  should suffer consequences.  When this war ends, more excuses about high export  prices will emanate and the culprit will be ‘Climate change nonsense  and the rhetoric therein.’  


28 April 2022 

 With the Ukraine war  causing  insurance premiums into deep space; a shortage of ships, and the SARS-COV pandemic closing ports once more in China, the international  supply chain is in a chaotic mess. Add to all this drama, a drugged up  (His sickly  moon faced Putin could be on “Prednisolone”) Putin is once more threatening, to  whoever wants to  listen– nuclear war. Supply must be planned ahead and end buyers need to search for  and secure goods, at least 4 or 5 months  earlier, than usual, just to ensure a planned delivery date. Serious end buyers need to secure contract now, if they need raw material  to fill the factory floor  in September/October. As for export prices,  discounts are all limited to very large revolving orders for highly sought after products. Export  license/permits  have also risen as high as 15% or goods value.  Benchmark prices and a premium is now the norm, as the first consideration for the end buyer is to secure hard to get goods. Prices have climbed at the retail level  for imported goods ; some seem justified, others do not.The PCT must allow for above matter s to be incorporated into the offer as relevant. and must spend time to close on a contract with end buyers; assisting such as necessary to get the del closed  Supplier must be approached  with large orders in where higher prices than usual may prevail, before they will drop smaller orders to service a larger more  profitable  deal. The ITB must strongly suggest that supply and not price is a primary  consideration. Seeking  and offering  a fixed  albeit higher price basis   ( goods plus premium)  is now the preferred application. Forget about trading in Crude oil. U/LSD2, AGO and even Ron 95 rated Gasoline  are the preferred petroleum product  that still can  be effectively sourced. 


29 April 2022

China is pulling back in purchasing Russian crude; it seems the claimed friendship of Russia is now showing its true colours. As if China want to be friends with the likes of Putin. Nevertheless there are a lot of other buyers of Russian crude. BHARAT petroleum India, Hindustan Petroleum, Litasco  (Swiss Trader), per Lukoil Italy, Indian Oil Corp, Leuna refinery ,East Germany, Rosneft refinery  Germany, Hungarian Oil Group, Bulgarian refinery via Roseneft, Poland is switching to North sea supply, Sinopec China  is moving away, like other are only  servicing existing contracts. BP  is cancelling it share in Roseneft, Japan is looking for alternative supply, ENI Italy is suspending Supply, Equinor Norway has stopped buying Russian crude as has GULP Portugal,NESTE Finland  is not signing new supply deal, REPSOL Spain has stopped buying, SHELL  will not buy any blended or refined  product containing Russian crude, France is planning to do the same.


5 May 2022

 The west could do the Russian people a favour  by getting rid of Putin and the Kremlin and further  installing  a Government  for the people. Unlike reported on T.V Russian people   do know that their government is murdering  people  and threatening  world peace but who are frightened to say anything. In the latest threat  Russian T.V is claiming that  an underwater drone could wipe out Britain with a nuclear bomb thousands of times greater than that dropped on Hiroshima. It went  went on to show  a scenario on T.V how devastating  such a 100 KT bomb  would be. Yep! no wonder Russia and its army finds itself where it is. The Hiroshima  bomb carried a  10 to 15 KT load.  And destroying Britain? What will it achieve. The destruction of Russia. What does Russia really think  the carnage one  100 KT bomb do  if it exploded over the Kremlin? I think its time for Nato  with USA by the said  to Invade  Russia and take over the country - a country run by liars, thieves and murderers. Humanity can’t survive under such an evil  shadow.Take the war into Russian territory; even a demented lunatic who wants to live , won’t use nuclear weapon in his country, because to do so defines the optimal aspect of  defeat. Get rid of this bastard, his Government and his maligned Church once and for all. With  such a turmoil at the doorstep of the whole world, India  is offering to pay no more than  US$ 70 dollars per barrel  for Russian crude, while China scabs up as much crude oil it can while the going is good; at the same time as ‘little Kim’ sets off another bunch of  pop fart fireworks with his  little laptop computer.  Get rid of this bastard at any cost now , or we’ll all pay dearly later - including  China. Russia is scared of “Topolino.”  It ought to be; because if Britain  goes down, Russia will be no more.    

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