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What is  special about the ZehedBike. Authors opinion served without prejudice.

 The problem  with electric  cars are evident.The problems they will delivery  in the future are not–to many. One could always find ‘loose change’ to put a few gallons of gasoline into a car; such aspects  in the future wont exist, because small minded people with high ambitions and added thirst to ‘milk the herd’ will lead to the situation where  many people will not be able to afford to  buy and maintain an electric car. We are treated like cattle by masters of spin, gall and greed. We are all dumb, they are all smart and ‘know’ what’s good for us (Think? Wade vs Roe).  We all see one story on T.V and never see whats really  going on behind  the scene ( Think ?Ukraine, Russia, Xi, Nato and USA)  An electric car,  when it breaks down, requires large sums of money to fix.Why ? because electric cars are a easy  to build,  using the very products we are all trying to avoid digging up and smelter. Easy to built but difficult to maintain. Add to this  the idea that the electric car will create more green house pollution to recycle than  it took to produce - further adds a layer or hypocrisy to the whole matter; and I haven’t even mentioned politics and  the nature of politicians  when it comes to ‘new investment.’ ‘Plenty  of jobs for everyone’ is the usual banter heard, ( Think? China is nearly  always  the ultimate supplier, who then copy western technology)  when in fact  the electric car is open to full robotic  production applications as the complex nature of gasoline  engines and gearboxes  have been eliminated. By 2027 some countries  will have achieved 70% or more conversion to electric vehicles ; this is when the rot will begin; as the cattle are  directed intently towards the ‘milking sheds.’ A person who cannot afford a $15,000 dollar battery replacement after the ‘thrill’ for the first 6 or 7 year comes to an end; will be easily able to perhaps  “BATPAY’  a change over battery, where by the time its paid off, another battery will be needed ;or you’ll be convinced to buy another  car as the current car is ‘outdated,’ a sales technique made famous by Apple. Loose change ain’t going to get you anywhere fast anymore. So  the new battery full of power is now running an old electric motor, which can’t keep up. Within weeks or months of the change over, a new electric motor will be needed– and guess what? No matter how cheap  such motors  are to make, they will always be expensive - jut like batteries. It is going to cost ‘the dumb cows’ a small fortune to run an electric car over the longer term with no benefit to the climate and this situation is going to be milked  in true fashion under the auspices of  European ideals ( Think 1930; 10,000 hours electric light globes; planned obsolescence soon changed that aspect. Now think on the same basis–electric cars ) Climate change! Really? Finally, think about this inter alia- satellites/ sensors can now  scan a whole  country and find the hottest or coldest spot in such a country in declaring a record.We will be breaking temperature records every year until the ‘cows’ refuse to be milked anymore.  

Many people are taking too many short trips in large powerful cars. Many people will need an affordable  and safe way to get around in where the comforts of a petrol engine cars are evident. This is what ZBIKE offers and more. ZEHEDBIKE is legally defined as a ‘bicycle’  because it has  two wheels, a leg crank, and will need the driver to power the vehicle when taking off. The Zbike will be made far beyond highly regarded USA , Australian or European standards. This means a uniform universal  export graded design is already incorporated. Under Australian law, a ‘bicycle’ is evident on the condition that it does not need an electric motor to  drive and where such motors are evident , the power of such a motor(s) must not exceed 250 watts.  This means if the laws of an importing country allows for a higher rating, the Zbike will be shipped accordingly. The ZehedBike is totally covered and built on a heavy chassis as weight has become a wanted  advantage. This also means it going to be a strong ‘vehicle.’ The ZBIKE uses eco friendly materials and comes with a windscreen, doors, side windows, boot, air con, heater, lights, dash, wipers, Zcom, phone charger, security keys, and even a coat/ bag and coffee cup holders. The ZehedBike uses human energy to take off in where DC electric motors take over after a certain speed is attained hence its not as some have suggested a ‘Pedelec’ either. The first generation  Rotary Capacitor Engine ( RCE) will make its debut with the ZBIKE. The secret of the electric car of the future using cheap and easy to produce and recycle material is neigh. Our prototype is already a success on this matter. The Zbike never needs recharging as the ZehedBike is the first  self charging vehicle of its kind NOT using batteries.Its body has a special painted surface that captures electricity from the Sun or night lights.  The reason to leave the car at home for short trips  (round trip of 30 Klm is deemed a short trip) has become evident due to much lauded claims made under the auspices of climate change. Those who are fit, very long trips can be planned. The ZehedBike drivers pod will have a seat belt, ventilated disc brakes, leather seats and have air flow into the cabin UVC sterilised against viruses. No plastic, glue  or rubber  is allowed to be  used in its construction. The special Zehedbike rear (and front)  wheel (again the first to do so) has no rubber tyres. Factory produced bikes will also use organic paints. ZehedBike factory  will be created  in Bacchus Marsh, Victoria Australia (Circa: 2026) employing over  400 ‘older’ experienced trades people of another era, and 68 apprentices. Fully ‘hand made’ in Australia. No parts whatsoever from China used, with some critical parts being imported from EU, U.K and USA as these countries will have licence to build similar ZBIKE  plants based on our outcome. Highly reliable, repairable  solid state electronic components  instead of microprocessors are used. FTNX will exclusively produce and export ZehedBikes worldwide. The retail price of a standard ZehedBike starts at AUD$ 4800.00. Luxury and amphibian, kids and trailer models will also be made in the future. All parts will be able to be cheaply applied  as ‘repairable’ and not ‘disposable.’  The Zehedbike will come with a 10 year guarantee.Any handy person  will be able to repair a Zbike is another special feature.  Owning a ZehedBike makes sense while saving cents to only  use the family  car when its truly needed.  No other sensitive information or pictures served about this new  concept served, until the nearly completed prototype  has under-gone full road testing. 

Many will copy us, at cheaper prices albeit inferior quality- but their will always be only one Zehedbike. FTNX is at “seed money” investment stage completing the prototype.  We will by pass stage (1) to apply stage (2) investment  with the completion of the prototype. ZBIKE will be revealed world wide during the  2026 Commonwealth Games.World wide production to start 2027.


Advice and Disclaimer: 

FTNX (FTN EXPORTING) founder (1988) Davide Giovanni Papa is the best selling Author, Professional Commodity Trader (PCT) and leading internationally recognised trade expert on matters of Agency, Agents, Brokers, Intermediaries, and Principals. We also educate professional traders via the FTNX website. Rules and trading processes we have been promoting, as per our globally respected FTNX Doctrine of Trade “ITSI” (International Trade and the Successful Intermediary ) over three decades, are being used today as standard contract entries by traders, suppliers, importers, exporters and informed intermediaries. All matters on this website if served for business and educational purposes and may not be duplicated and used without permission of FTNX. All personal opinions of the author, on this website  are served without prejudice. The website address www.ZEHEDBIKE.com is reserved  by FTNX  for use in the near future. The ‘ZEHEDBIKE’  and matters to be disclosed thereon in the near  future, is the unique creation of FTNX.The FTNX site is to do with the international commodity  trading /business and USCT endorsed Professional Commodity Traders (PCT), using the FTNX doctrine of trade.The “ZEHEDBIKE” ( ZERRO EMISSIONS HUMAN ENERGY DEVICES : BIKE)  is to do  with matters of educating  PCT’s in matters on how the doctrine is used to create investment projects from inception. The author is actually building and creating a genuine ‘ZBIKE.’ as an investment project. Details will appear  on the relevant site once the ‘ZBIKE” prototype is complete.No investment enquiries will be taken or served at this time. FTNX will both create and export the ‘ZEHEDBIKE’ worldwide accordingly FTNX  will, in the future become incorporated as owing such assets. FTN Exporting or FTNX are both the same entity. Davide Giovanni Papa is a leading international best selling author, foreign trade specialist, trade expert, trade educator, leading international intermediary expert and inventor. As a matter of business FTNX also  buys  and sells commodities and  educates  Intermediaries, end buyers and suppliers  specifically on such matters. The business matter of investing  in a FTNX investment project, will be added to our enterprise in the future. Our Publication COSI will not be released until crude oil markets markets settle ( with the defeat of Covid 19 pandemic and / or Putin). IPSI (Investment Projects and the Successful Intermediary ) to be released once current ZBIKE investment project  becomes active. FTNX patent services when introduced as well as all other services advised, as  offered on its websites are not available  to banned  or restricted entities / countries mentioned  herein.  © FTNX 2022

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