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FTNX (FTN EXPORTING) founder (1988) and best selling leading Author  Davide Giovanni Papa is  Professional Commodity Trader (PCT) and leading internationally recognised and respected  trade expert on matters of Agency, Agents, Brokers, informed Intermediaries, and Principals. We also educate entities to become professional traders and serve safe trading advice to principal conducting business with us. Consultation with FTNX about matters of trade is also available, as specified herein. We buy and sell commodities and serve related advice. This is the nature of our business. We conduct business with end buyers taking possession of goods or suppliers in possession of export ready goods. We have our own highly skilled FTNX Agents to assist us, located in key port cities worldwide. 

The market place as a whole is a precarious one, where expert advice and formidable safe trading procedures must prevail. FTNX offers both. Trading processes we have been promoting as per our Doctrine of Trade for  over 3 decades, are being used today by mainstream informed professional traders, suppliers, importers, exporters and the likes. We legally buy goods from an export  ready  supplier, and lawfully sell such goods to our clients world wide as seller using a strict set of formidable rules and laws to ensure safe business practices are always maintained. We don’t take short cuts. As from March 2021 FTNX is not longer offering to disclose prices and products on offers online as we conduct business in a strictly private and confidential manner, while  reverting to a trading house status.

Whether fixed or variable prices apply, a supplier looking for larger contracts and added sales or end buyer in need of raw material ‘at a good’ price may contact FTNX or one of its Agents by email for confidential discussions. FTNX is now formalising its position in all areas of the world. We expect the transition to trading house status  to be completed by  early 2022. As a trading house FTNX will be able to offer more options to suppliers and end buyers including banking facilities and deferred payment schemes. FTNX conducts business using current laws and rules of international trade, including ICC Incoterms 2020  delivery rules as well as ICC UCP/URC payment instruments and collection processes. FTNX does not offer “on the spot” transactions. FTNX offers future based sales and prices and very safe dealings.