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OCT  19, 2021 

Checked twice weekly 

Below are standard products  that FTNX is able to  selll immediately as secured or updated in 2021 ; while stock last. Only qualified  end buyers may  request an offer from FTNX.  





SELL: USA Coal: 7 year contract of supply. 80,000 MT per month POL CFR FOB  Long Beach California  or as stated a on contract. High quality coal supply from current operational mine. SGS report  in hand secured 2020. A fixed  future price of  VLBC US$190.00 per  MT at  ICC C&F is offered TO SOUTHERN PORT DESTINATION . First delivery avaiiable May  28, 2022 for contract signed by December  2021. Contract can also be made to mitigate the fixed price basis in case of large rises /falls on mainstram benchmark prices.  Buyers are advised to secure long term  coal supply  now as supply for new contracts (as predicted by FTNX)  in the future becomes restricted due to climate change rhetoric. 

Note: Open  contract is also available where we sent ships to POD as they are loaded out of sequence of a fixed delivery routine  which would increase supply.The contract must bear the term ’12 deliveries or more must be delivered in any 365 days period.’ The end buyer is obligated to purchase all shipments delivered in any given year. Seller is penalised if less than 12 shipments per year arrive.In an open contract delivery modes (OCD) , the end buyer may open a DLC for 6 shipment only.  Over 20 years of USA coal reserves is available.









SELL: From India:  Fly ash is used as an aggregate for the manufacture of cement. We are able to offer  200,000 up to 600,000 MT per year at  US$ 45.00 Per MT  ICC FOB.First delivery JANUARY 2022 for contracts completed by DECEMBER  2021 





SELL: From India:  First grade 1.0% av broken.  1400 MT per Month FCA  Current price offered 50 Kg bags  US$1460.00 per MT FCA. Grain Length 8.32 - 8.35 mm av. Whiteness 20. Moisture 11.5-12.0%  First delivery Feb 2022 for contracts completed by Dec 2021 





BUY: FTNX buys  ULS D2  from non sanctioned  country at the fixed price of  US$ 900.00 ICC FOB   for 5 year contract of supply. Supplier and FTNX  signs  supply assurance  via MOU. First  delivery   March 15 2022  Southern ports. 



BUY : FTNX buys  sweet crude oil  from non sanctionedf  country at the fixed price of  US$ 825.00 ICC FOB   for 5 year contract of supply. Supplier and FTNX  signs  supply assurance  via MOU. First  delivery   Feb 15 2022  Southern ports.  



SELL From Australia: Moisture 12.0% , passed through double ’00’ mesh ideal for pasta making as well. Miniumum order: 500 MT per month FCA for 12 month US$ 1378.00 20 Kilo Craft paper /  PE  lined bags .First delivery January 2022 for contracts completed in November  2021 









Prices for Copper Cathodes rising quickly as inflation and added delivery expenses rise. Carriers are running out of containers and freight carriage rates has risen by 600% at the busiest period in time–ever. Last year a US$1000.00  40ft FCL carriage rate route, has risen to US$7000.00 today.Obtaining  wanted products away form mainstream supplliers  actually ensures a better delivery time.   FTNX copper is similar to ( good as ) LME  bench A grade Cathodes.FTNX copper  cathodes has   a minmium assured  Cu content exceeding 99%. First  delivery  Feb 2022 for contract finalised by Dec 2021. FTNX will give a  price as per  LME  90 days price basis less 12.0% discount for monthly revolving orders of 1000 MT per mth or more  for 8 months or more,  at the FCA delivery mode, and 5.0 % discount  for CIP FCL delivery mode. Incentive: Demurrage expenses at POD 50/50 with seller. 

Note: To secure  copper cathodes  now is a prudent  moves as price will continue to head shywards; over the longer term.Not sure? Reserve  Copper  Cathodes under an MOU. FTNX will hold  (reserve) a 10% deposit  for end buyer ‘thinking about’ purchasing Copper Cathodes in the next 6 months bearing a good discount to mainstream prices.If after six months no purchase is made, 95% of the deposit  is fully revoked. 5.0% is forfeited for the benefit of seller - bearing reservtion expenses and obligations. Potential end buyer  wanting an MOU  instead of a contract , please contact FTNX via email. All matters discussed are confidential.



SWEET CRUDE OIL: FTNX IS  paying for a 36 months of  monthly supply  at 100,000 MT lots US$ 756.00 per MT FAS fixed for 3 years.FTNX would  also consider following  Dubua Platts monthly , less a US$ 5.10 per MT Discount, for  a 36-48 months contract of supply.  

FTNX CERC: issued  17/10 2018  Cert Number ; FTNX 00077-17118 : US$1.32 per unit : Current redeemable value US$ 2.46 per unIt : 



14/10/2021: FTNX  is sitill in commucations with a lot of exporters  from China who  have no idea that tensions between Australia, USA  and  China are high. It seems goverments play their small minded games amongst themselves  and do so  while causing a lot  of damage to the private business sector  who only want to do what they do best , make products  for the export market. The people or the world  must look after their own interests , just like ‘rich’ or influential  people do. Out of touch ‘fat bellied’ politicians play their costly games  which nearly always  impacts upon  the people they represent  and not the politicians who initiates  such policies. To intentionally stop  a perosn  earning  a living,  is a despictable act, no matter the politcs being  practised. iI’s  also a breach of UN human  rights- alas it seems many goverments  do  not care  what such right are and refer to the laws in their own country to force others to do things  against their will.  

12/10 / 2021 : Ports are currently struggling to  keep pace with demand and it will get worse before impovements  will become  apparent in late 2022.  Both POL/POD aspect are affected. As such all first  deliveries are now ’45 days’ after contract  is  signed with a buyer and a generous 45 days when dealing with the supplier. If a supplier insists  on a  30 day or less first delivery time a P.G of 3.0%  (not usual 2.0%) shall  be sought to mitigate increased port  and freight charges and associated delays  thereon. This is now the FTNX contracting  apsect  for the 2022 trading year .

16 /10 2021: Human rights and civil liberties have been tossed out of  window in Australia and very few of us is able to legally take on the Governemt.Governments know this. Lives and buisnesss are being destroyed  because the governemt thinks it’s O.k  to issue mandates and then have employess administer  such directives . The fact that the Cheif Medical Officer cannot delgate his powers to another has  been dismissed. Forcing via intimidation and threat to employers to stand down workers who have not had the jab, is a draconian move. It is destroying the lives of familes, by politicians  who  have no idea what to do. The arogance of the state goverment will ensure he won’t be relected.  Over 60% of Australians have been forced to take the jab against their wishes or face losing their job. Employers face a $100,000 fine if they allow unvaccinated wortkers into the workplace. Americans must take notice on what si happening downunder and not allow their fhard earned reedoms  and rights to  infringed upon .There are no minorities here- everyone must defend each others human rtights of face losing them for ever,  under the auspices of precedents.  A governemt cannot ’ return our freedoem’  by reducing lockdown rules because such freedoewm were  not theirs to take away. Lifting ‘restriction is not the same as ‘giving up mopre freedoms.” The best protection against Covid  is the virus itself. 98% of millions of people who were infected with Covid are now immune. People with Type ’O” or RH Negative blood  are also grealty protected from even getting the infection - are just some of  reasons by forcing everyone to take the ‘ad hoc’ hastily made vaccine is ethically wrong and is an usafe practise. Forcing everyone to take the jab, where 98% of the infected population will have no ill effect from the virus is indeed a  harsh directive. In 2017 the flu  caused  1400 Australians to die ( so they say) . Coronavirus has casued 1400 people to die in nealry two years.The fact speak for themselves. ift much safer to work in an open economy  with  Coronavirus  than it is with the flu is also a fact. The  flu needs  a much smaller number of  infected  number  to aririve  at a higher deth rate , that’s how dealdly it is . Nobody was forced to take a flu jab. Futher  rmore the goverment is now  not going to allow those who are not  vaccinated to mingle with those who are , further degrading civil right of what will become the minority.      

12/10 / 2021: We are unable to even consider any products  especially crude oil from Russia at this time , due to harsh sanction laws.Our bank will not accpet such goods for trading . However,  If a product is blended or refined in another  country  not bearing sanctions, ie. Bulgaria,  then - FTNX may be intrested to buy such goods. Blending or refining costs for the account of the Russian supplier.  3 year contract or longer. Crude oil  as predicted 6 months ago will gow beyond US$ 100 per barrel by years end , and coal will become  harder to seucre a prices soars to new heights. Since  we are being told to follow sanctions laws, then Russian suppliers could  obtain top prices  for Russin Crude oil being ‘changed’ in another country not bearing sanctions. 

Ofer is signed with the new supplier or even ‘seller’ located in non sactiioned country

The bended product in a non sanctioned country is no longer deemed of  Russian  origin. 

I.e: if 10,000 barrels of a higher quality oil  is blended and shipped from a non sanctioned port  then a new product I.e the “FTNX Blend”  is crreated,  and therefore new origin is able to legally determined,  and sold as not orignating from Russia.

The collapse of the OW bunkering service  has already served  precedent in this matter. “ Product which is changed or is used  cannot enforce the attributes of a lein.  A product such as D2  cannot  be extracted from a ships tank to satisfy a previous debt, because the D2 in the tank was not the original D2 purchased from the supplier which created the security lein. The lein only exists for the ‘original’ product purchased and not a replacement. The court did not accpet  that idea that the debt could be satified by extracting D2 currently held in the ships  tank .The original D2 has be used in comnbustion and thus as soon as it was burned in the process,  The lein on  D2 and thus the debt owed was also extigusihed and could not be claimed by OW administrators. ’ 

16/10/2021; Comments made by Prince William about fixing problems on Earth  is 100% correct. There is nothing to be giained from billionaires and movie stars  flying around in outer space - not for the next 500 years.This how long it wiil take to be able to sustain perhaps 500 people on another Planet or the Moon. As for the Moon; do we really trust “humans” not to do to the Moon what hs been done on Earth?  A single rocket produces more polution on take off than  40,000 cars could email in one day. So much for cliamte change. Small ‘baby steps,’ converts to walking  then running ‘within 5 years’ not 500 years . If this ‘man-made’ claim about  climate  chamge is so real, then why is it taking so long to implement such important  changes at a time when China and Japan for instance are building new coal fired power stations. We talk about emission and dont say to much about the ‘ heat ‘  Sanitised clean heat also plays its role in climate change rhetroic.  Heat form insductry and the tens of thousand of planes  that will resume  to sow the skies with is emission  particulates and heat. In 1991 a Volcano named Mt Pinatubo explodes. It ejected 1 Cubic mile of ash and material in the air. The blast also ejected millions of tones of Sulphur Dioxide. The effect was so great that the Earths temperature dropped by 1 degree over 15 months. Did anyone notice the change in temperature? Therefore, it seems humans can easily remain productive  should the temperature on Earth drop by a few degrees  in the next 100 years. We  should be spending time to  conduct such a ‘change’, and to do so in a timely manner . 100 years ought to do it . Nonsencial cliamte change talks, like the one  held in Brisbane, Australia  in 2013 produced  nothing and is a waste of taxpayers money. Everyone is  talking about initiating a 2050 Zero Emissions  agenda will be all long gone. The mess they leave behind is for those living in such times..  “If it’s so bloody serious - we need to force  change  today and not in 2050.I’m afraid to say but it looks like, we’ll need to listen to this climate change bullshit for another 30 years.Could it be that Earth is mending itself  as humidity rises , forests  thrive, air gets cleaned over 100 years; more carbon is stored in trees. All we need to do is to return in using wood more efficiently and on a larger scale.” 


13/10/2021: Staineless steel and steel pipers  All industries, all carrying standards. If order is large, best delivered prices are available  from FTNX.Give us your list and current quote and test to see if our prices are much lower. 

19/10/2021: Crude oil is the leading enegry source today.  As for hydrogen,  $3.00 per litre for a very high octane fuel source to fuel cars, that can’t even tow a trailer . Short distance huge consumption rate.  Electric cars cannot accomodate  huge distance and  the industry  will become the leading emitters. Crude oil will be around for a  long time. It will be around in 2050 along with  an increarse in the export of uranimum exports as increase in nuclear powered  electricity providers becomes evident.. 

 16/10 2021: The PCT signs the offer, signs a conditonal  contract, or even MOU  and issues an inhouse  preadvised  SWIFT formatted  DLC to the supplier  bearing UCP 600 rules.The conditions  on the PA DLC is that it is not active until the PCT communcates as much. Once the DLC from the end buyer is secured, the PA DLC is able to be verified and made operative . FTNX will report on the outcome of such a test ealry next year as two deals are currently being  transacted upon accordingly. An In house no operative DLC sits on the same footing as a undeclarted BCL or even a Cheque . Such a PA DLC financial instrument is legally binding  and lawful application.

USCT/SPCT Tribe Members 2022, must provide a fully disclose RFQ for  ONLY goods they have secured, the same goods which have been listed above. NO RFQ for  goods secured by other members is entertained.