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As From: 29 July 2021

The business arena of the true entrepreneur is boundless, in where FTN exporting foreign trade studies may also be used to promote another kind of related business activities. In the case of FTN exporting, due to our long experience in the international arena the service we can offer; as predicated on our mainstream trading and agency process are specified below. Suppliers, end buyers and related other entities including bankers and law firms worldwide seeking specific services from FTN exporting may contact us by email to discuss any sensitive business matter in strict confidence. Please advise a basic synopsis of the issue in hand by email and we’ll reply by email if we can assist further. Our current tenure rates are posted accordingly, to ensure that the entity contacting us beforehand is informed of our service and charges in a very cleary prescribed  manner. 


We have been serving expert opinions and advice to corporations, individuals and law firms worldwide for decades including those used in important criminal cases. If it’s to do with Commodities, Commerce and Agency ( including Proceeds of Crime) at the international level, FTNX CEO, Davide Giovanni Papa can be personally tenured to provide expert opinions based not just on us interpreting the rules and laws of trade, but providing solutions or advice in adverse situations based on our long experience in the market place from 1988. Up to 10 pages or less of an opinion or advice, double spaced using ‘Times’ Size 12 Font, served within 30 days.

  • Initially: US$ 8000.00 From 5 up to 40 pages
  • Every page thereafter add 5 days and US$ 900.00 per page 
  • 5 pages or less: 10 days US$ 2500.00


Two parties to a trade contract are in dispute. One party is threatening legal action against the other . Both parties feel they are right.  Asking FTN Exporting Ceo Davide Giovanni Papa for an experts opinion , before formally comemcing  legal action, is a wise move. Being informed and securing another opinion that may differ from what your own legal team may be thinking could save the warring parites millions of dollars in costs and settle an trade  issue quickly;  that may take years to settle via arbitration otherwise.  An opinion is served as well as advice on how to remedy an adverse  sitiation is alos offered. The warring  parties considers our opinion intently  before taking  the matter further . Opinion  is served to both parties by FTN exporitng  to include our recommendations.  Small law firms world wide  wanting to expand  their legal practice  by advertising   trade services, may also attach FTNX for a yearly  tenure fee on the same basis.

One party contacts FTN Exporting explaining what the issue in contention is about. An opinion  is served accordingly by PDF  within 20 days or less. Up to 90 days  for serving more complex arguments  and opinions.  

Cost:  From US$ 8000.00 up to US$ 45,000.00 


An end buyer for peronal reasons,  does not  want to lodge financial instrument with  with the seller located  in a particular  country  but would consider an independent  third party offeirng its banking facilities; in where an expert  is offering to supervise the closing aspect of  the transaction and collection process.The end buyer  lodges  (assigns) the financial instrument used to  pay for goods purchased,  in a top 100 ranked bank of the world located in  the sate of Victoria, Australia (Financial Capital) where the rule of law  is applied and observed intently. The  export import transaction must proceed through FTNX  when payment becomes due. FTNX will conduct its own due dilligence and only allow collection to proceed  in a secure and safe manner in protecting  the interests of the apprehensive  end buyers. FTNX is able to stop a deal if adverse sitiation becomes apaprent  without favouritism nor prejudice and bear legal consequences  of its actions, and decisions. 

  • FTNX is involved from the start of the deal  acting between the end buyer and supplier   or end buyer, a thrid party and supplier. We supervise and  manage he deal until  failure  or success becomes apparent: 
  • Cost payable by the End Buyer:  From US$ 58,000.00  for transaction taking 90 days or less  to conclude to first delivery.No commission payable 
  • FTNX is involved as a thrid party  banking facility only  in where the contract specifies that the financial  insturment is to be assigned to FTNX  in Austtralia to act on presented documents .   
  • Cost payable by the End Buyer:  From US$ 28,000.00  for transaction taking 45 days or less  to conclude to first delivery.No commission payable 

 Only for busienss transaction world wide  generating  2 million dollars or more in  a single or reviovling  sale.  


Corporation world wide, looking to service a Expert/  Agent /Supervisor to serve opinions  and guide international trade deals  taking place can tenure our service  for 4, 6 or 12 months. Rates disclosed on request  by email  once detail of expected duties is specified. Commission on deals we (FTNX)  close  and or tenure fee applies. Ideal for supplier world wide  looking to secure added sales . Commission is only apid upon deal success. Tenure fee is paid in advance. 


The supplier isuues a contract to the end buyer . The end buyer wants an expert to confidentially and  quickly check if the contract is sound and fair and accuratley definded  bearing all the required elements. Contract served via PDF with ot without details of supplier  apparent. ( FTNX is a long serving respected and trusted entity.All such documents served at the time are destroyed once serviced)   72 hours of less repornd time : Cost  US$ 725.00 


Making your enquiry by email is the first step. If we can assist a no-obligation pro forma invoice will be advised, valid for 2 days. Once payment has cleared service offered is then enacted upon. FTN exporting is a tested and trusted entity carrying respect worldwide for over 30 years. We have never breached confidence with any individual discussing or conducting business with us




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